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Monday, January 11, 2010


Wow! It's been a long time since my last post.  I think I need one of those gadgets they advertise on TV that let you speak into the computer instead of type.  Ideas for posts run through my mind all the time.  I even "write" them in my head.  Unfortunately, that doesn't always translate to the blog.

If you'll give me a penny, I'll tell you some of my thoughts.  No penny?  That's okay.  We're buds and I'll tell you anyway.

Did you know:  if you have heartburn, you should lay on your left side.  This helps your stomach empty faster, so whatever is causing the problem gets gone quicker.  I also do this when my stomach's upset and it really helps.  This is a good tip for me, because lately it seems everything I eat makes me sick to my stomach--spicy stuff, sugar, everything.  And, no, I'm not pregnant.  That is physically impossible and has been since 1982!

Cold weather stinks!  While I love the seasons, I hate being cold.  It's 23 degrees here this morning!  Yesterday when we left for church, it was only 10!  Supposedly, it's going to warm up later in the week.  I think I want to be a weatherman--excuse me, meteorologist.  That's the only job I know where you can be completely wrong again and again and still keep your job.

January is my least favorite month.  After the rush and drama of the holidays, January is a letdown.  All the pretty Christmas stuff gets put away and I am almost always dissatisfied with my house.  Last week I could have happily tossed 95% of the furniture and stuff in my house and started over.

Have you seen the new show on Style Network called "What I Hate About Me"?  The participant lists 10 things about themselves they'd like to change--physically or a characteristic--and the show helps them make those changes.  I watched it the other day and it made me wonder what I'd change if I went on the show.  While there are some things, I honestly couldn't think of 10.  That made me feel better about myself.

One thing I would change is how I look at that blasted glass--the one that's either half empty or half full.  Most of the time, my glass is half empty.  Tell me about your glass.  Empty?  Full?  How do you keep it full?  Inquiring minds need to know.


Shawn said...

Half full for me. Thank goodness. I would go crazy otherwise.

The Traylor's said...

Some days I literally have to force myself to find the good, and it's usually something stupid and trivial, but it will usually make me laugh and then later I will be able to find more good.

Connie said...

Right now my glass is EMPTY!!!!!
I am having a black, uptight, frustrating and dismal day.
I HAVE TO LEARN TO LET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHH. ScREaM!

There now, I need to get on with life, that felt good.

5L's said...

good to have you back! :) i'm a half full girl MOST of the time. :) i think being exposed to so many much worse situations helps me keep a good perspective. you have so much to be grateful for, get out there and share it! hugs to you!!!

Sharon said...

I have to say I see the glass half full. I consider myself a positive person. There are several things I would like to change about myself and I am working it. Not easy though. I also have alot of trouble with my tummy. IBS, diverticulitis etc. so staring tomorrow I am giving up pop and sweets for a week to see if that helps. If not trust me my diet Coke will be back!!!! I also starting drinking peppermint tea and that seem to calm my stomach down. I am lucky if I have a day that my stomach doesn't bother me so I feel your pain. Sorry this is so long but your did ask.

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