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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What To Do, What To Do

Getting old sucks.  It's not just the graying hair and sagging everything.  It's not going almost ten months without a period and being really excited about that--only to have Mother Nature pull a fast one.  It's not just stiff knees and reading glasses.  It's not having what Sophia on Golden Girls called "difficulty digesting certain vegetables". 

Mainly it's feeling like time is slipping away.  Looking back over the past--ahem--50+ (how did THAT happen!) years and not seeing much in the way of accomplishments.  As a girl, there was really only one thing I wanted to do with my life and it didn't happen--whether because of things I did or didn't do--it didn't get done.  And now it's too late.  Believe me, it IS too late.  It's not going to happen.

So, how do I face that fact and move on?  How do I not feel like a failure? 

The floor is now yours, but no platitudes, please.


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Beverly, getting older does have its draw backs and now that I'm in the 50 category, I also have reflected back on what I've done or haven't done. The way I look at it, there may have been some things we didn't do BUT there is still SO much we still can do. I've searched my heart to see what I may still want to accomplish and focus on those things :) If some things didn't happen as you had once thought, maybe it is the good Lord's way of saying you weren't supposed to do it. You'll be surprised what you come up with :D Hugs!


Connie said...

Hmmmm, such ponderings make me crazy. I wish I had an answer for you but not knowing what "it" is that you didn't accomplish makes me clueless as to how to answer your question. You never know, it might be too late for what you wanted to do but just maybe something even better is what you are destined to do. I will stay tuned..........

And about the whole getting old thing, it isn't so bad so far.

Oh ya, it's good to hear from you, I was beginning to wonder if you dropped off the face of the earth or something....or maybe ran off with some gypsies...or went underground in the witness protection program... or....whoa, my imagination just ran away with me. (Another sign of old age, watch out.)

Shawn said...

Sounds like you're having one of those days/weeks. I know it can be difficult.
Try to not let the darkness in.
You are not a failure.
You are a wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many.

Maybe you can set a new goal and work on that??

Nicole said...

Good to see you- you are one of my favorite people. I like Shawn's advice a lot. Make some new goals. I know you have accomplished many good things thus far in your life- even if they were not news worthy...and other things you have done to positively impact/influence others that have gone unnoticed by you. Sometimes it's just the small things that really count.

Angela said...

Girlfriend...take one look into your children's eyes. Look into your grandbabies eyes. Look what you have accomplished! ALL those years and devotion to the kids and your hubby! All the young women's lives you touched. All the classes you've taught! Accomplishments by Beverly C...TOO NUMEROUS TO LIST! Love ya!

Sharon said...

Wow I have been thinking about getting older a lot lately. You know I will soon be turning 42. (does that at least sound a little convincing)? I am not even sure how to respond to this post.

I think we all have things we wish we would have done different or at least known the future so we could have made a better decision. We have to look at the future not what is already behind us.

You are an amazing person! I bet if you think about your life you will realize how many people you have touched and made a difference in their lives. You are not a failure. Your a wife, mother and a sister to someone who is very glad she got to know you better!!!!!

Christie said...

life sucks and then you die....... how's that? :-)
Sorry you're down, maybe you're here to make sure that those of us that are not at that point yet, don't have the same experience as you did. (in regards to the regrets) the other part... well, hummm, don't think any of us can avoid that huh?

Christie said...
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