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Monday, April 1, 2013

Color Run!

Talk about stepping outside my comfort zone! Though I yearn to be, I am a far stretch from being a runner. Inside me is a gazelle just longing to break free! However....bad feet, weak knees, and an iffy lower back prevent that from happening. Still...when we heard The Color Run would be in Nashville, my daughter Lauren and I started preparing a few months ago. Though we didn't run the whole 5K, we did run more than we walked and finished with a good time. 

Our Team--The Gold Diggers!

And my favorite!

If you have a chance to Color Run, do it! 
And do it with someone you love! ;-)


Mary Cooper said...

That looks like FUN! Even to me, who is definitely NOT a runner!
How have you been???

6L's said...

So proud of you both!!

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