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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Dozen--I Didn't Know That!

 Have you got your Random Dozen ready to link up?  Come on--it's fun.  Click THIS LINK and join in!

The theme is Spring . . . and any other random questions that crept in.

1.  What is your favorite sign of Spring?  Forsythia blooming everywhere

2.  Did you remember to spring forward on March 14?  If not, how did it impact your day?  I did remember, though I was too lazy to do all the clocks--I got to it eventually

3.  If soil, time, talent and climate were no problem, what vegetable would you plant in a garden this year? corn--but only if harvesting, shucking, and cooking it were also "no problem"

4.  If soil, time, talent and climate were no problem, what fruit would you plant?  pineapple

5.  What is your least favorite insect?  the stupid fly that has been buzzing me for the past two hours!

6.  March 22 was World Water Day. To celebrate, here are some water questions. Do you drink bottled water? If so, what brand?  I've never heard of World Water Day.  I mainly drink distilled water from Walmart.  I've tried it from other stores, but Wally World's is the best.  I also drink Aquafina--plain.  Don't like flavored water.  It throws me when I put the bottle to my lips--brain sees water bottle, thinks water bottle, then gets something different.  I was the same way when Reese's Pieces came out--brain thought "M&Ms", you get the picture.

7.  Have you ever been somewhere that it was not safe to drink the local water? If so, how did you handle that?  I have not--thank goodness

8.  How many glasses of water do you drink per day?  not as many as I should, probably 4-6

9.  March 24 is the birthday of Harry Houdini.  Have you ever watched a professional magic show? Share.  I have not, but it sounds like fun

10.  Have you ever been a participant in a professional magic show (up on stage!)?  haven't done that either

11. March 24 is also the birthday of Steve McQueen and Clyde Barrow. Do you like Westerns or gangster movies?  If so, what is your favorite?  Not so much on gangster movies, but love old Westerns.  I like the movies where people get shot and there's not even a hole in their shirt, much less blood and guts spewing everywhere like the movies today!

12. (Really random)  What U.S. state that you've never visited would you like to visit someday?  Would love to visit Vermont in the fall.


Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Poor Fly...OOps...I mean poor you!
Vermont is very nice... you should go.... fall is best place to go! Thank God I have been there.

Happy Wednesday!


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SouthLakesMom said...

You're right - the old Westerns left something to the imagination!

The forsythia really is beautiful if sneezy!

World Water Day was all over the media here because I live outside Washington, DC!

Pam Ponder said...

great answers..I would love to visit Vermont I think it would be lovely...

Lea said...

Always enjoy stopping by your blog. And, I totally agree with #4. It's like ordering a Coke, they bring you tea and it's total shock to the system when you take that first drink. Guess we're funny that way! Vermont was one of my places too! Happy Spring!

Sweet Tea said...

I LOVE Forsythia too.
They were easy to grow when I lived in OK, but I planted 7 plants here and only one has survived. Bummer!
BTW, Can't believe you're going to Italy!! It was Italy, wasn't it? Talk about something to look forward too!!

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