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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whew!  I don't see how you people with kids at home get anything done--much less blog!  There was a time when I worked full-time and had four kids at home, along with a husband and at least one pet.  And I know I accomplished things.  The fact that the kids and husband are still here reflect that.  We won't discuss the pets....I kid, I kid...

Anyway, this past week has been full to the brim.  Let's get a quick recap.  At the end of May, my daughter Holly and her 4-year-old son Alexander came to live with us temporarily.  Having a young'un in the house after so many years of an empty nest is exhausting overwhelming interesting.  But fun--most of the time.  My youngest daughter is also here with her three wee ones (all under the age of 5), though they are staying with her inlaws.  It's been great to have almost our whole family around!

Last Friday morning, Darrell and I left for WV to visit my birth mother and other family.  We had a good trip--which means no bad weather, no backed up traffic, and no vehicle maintenance issues.  My mother and sister had warned us that they lived in the country and they were not kidding!  If you look in the dictionary under 'back of beyond', there will be a picture of their little town.   The closest hotel was 30 mins away and the nearest McDonald's and Walmart a little farther.  Despite this--or maybe because of it--we hung around the house and ate and talked and laughed and ate some more.  It was a wonderful visit and I'm so very glad we went.  I think bonds were strengthened and memories were made.

My sister Sheila, my mom, my sister Sharon, and me
(these 2 are twins, believe it or not!)

My friend Liz and I rented a booth at a local flea market just before our trip and we spent several days this week getting it set up.  You'll probably get sick of hearing about "Lizzy and the Bee".  It's been a hoot so far and I've already sold some stuff!  You can like us on Facebook, if you're so inclined--and I hope you are.

Guess that's it in a nutshell for the time being.  Only other news is that we seem to be living near the gates of hell lately and the prediction for next week is that someone will push us over the edge and slam that gate!  The high for Monday is supposed to be 97!  I will indeed be inside under the AC!


Never Enough Orange said...

That's so neat you got to spend so much time with your mom! I'm glad you're blogging again. We've been missing you! :-)

And I love the booth -- it looks really neat.

Sweet Tea said...

I'm glad the trip proved to be a good experience for you. You sound happy, not to mention busy...Best of luck for Lizzy & the Bee. A new adventure is a good thing!! Keep us posted, and welcome home!

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

It certainly sounds like you have been busy. Its good that you were able to see your Mum & sisters.
I don't envy that hot weather you'll be having. I hope you manage to stay cool.

Mary said...

So glad the trip went well!
Guess it's been a little "wild" around your house, huh? :D

Joyce said...

I'm glad your trip was lots of fun! Best of luck with your new adventure-sounds exciting!

Anna See said...

some of my fave people live in nowheresville wv, too! your booth looks fun.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Oh Honey!! We haven't been under 100 for the last two weeks. I'm beginning to think it IS possible for people to melt!

I don't have kids at home any more, my job is MUCH less demanding, and I still don't get anything done. Not sure what happened there.

DKG aka Scrappy Doo said...

all those kids!!!! when our two grand kids come we are wiped out for a week after just a one day visit :-)
sounds like you had a good trip to WV

Gates of Hell open here in Ellis County it has been over 100 for a week and no rain for us in June and July does not look to promising uggggggg
Have a great week :-)


Connie said...

Did things go well with your visit? I sure hope there was some healing done.

Your booth looks like fun, lots of good stuff. Good luck with this adventure of yours.

I hear you about having little ones around again. I now know why you are supposed to have children when you're young, you need LOTS of energy to keep up with them.

Sorry to hear about your hot weather. I just can't take the heat, anything over 85 degrees makes my cranky meter go way up.
Have a great and restful week.

Eric and Rozanne said...

Good to get an update on the recent happenings. It certainly does sound busy. Where is your booth located? I'd love to take a look sometime. Looks like good stuff. Also, glad things went well with your birth mother and sisters.

always...always said...

i am so very happy for you that your trip went so well... you deserve all the love you shared and found there. i am so proud of you.
i love the thought of your home being filled with children and grand-children...and yes envious! savor the moments and enjoy!
your booth looks so inviting...can't wait till i can get over to clarksville to visit.
as for the come join me for a midnight swim or just grab a dew and find an air conditioner....
love you bunches!

EmptyNester said...

Sounds like a great trip. Air conditioning is my BFF right now. I could NOT live without it!

Tami said...

Sounds like a great trip. Nothing better than building family relationships!

I think I've got the spot next to you at the gates of hell. Gracious, it's hot! and humid!!! I'm not used to humidity, so this is killing me. Scoot over a bit and give me some of that AC. :)

camp and cottage living said...

HI Beverly-I just found your post.
You are definitely a busy lady!
It is really a blessing to have your grandchildren so close It would really be an adjustment for me to have a little one living in with us again!!
It's great you got to go and visit with your Mom and sisters. I can see a resemble in the eyes of all of you girls.
I can relate to not living close to a town. I'm 40 minutes from any shopping. You really have to plan ahead!
I became a follower, so I'll be back to visit again. Take care!

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