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Monday, September 5, 2011

Thrifty Treasures!

Yard sales were great yesterday Saturday--even if I only managed to hit a few.  Here are the highlights:

$10 tureen--I have wanted one of these forever!

Sweet little side table for my flea market booth

Another table for the booth.  Little tables like this have been selling very well.

This one has a little boo boo on the bottom shelf.  I'm trying to decide whether to leave it alone or try to paint it.  I think it's laminate, so not so easy.  Decoupage? 

 Darling tiny chandelier for the booth.  If there'd been 2 of these, I'd keep them for my bedroom.  I want to replace the bedside lamps with small chandys.  Alas, there was just the one.

And how was YOUR hunting?


erikab said...

We don't go yard-saleing on Sundays.
We don't go yard-saleing at all, at least till we move.

Tamara said...

i adore the soup tureen you got!!! it's adorable. i hope you keep it for yourself!!!!!

Andrea said...

Hi!Thanks fr visiting my blog!

I LOVE your garage sales purchases ( I also LOVE garage sales!) and I want that chandelier!!Lol

I am happy that I 've inspired you too keep your headboard, please post the photo when you finish revamping it!!

Stef said...

I'm a lousy yard saler. I always get crap or stuff for my kids....which turns into crap. I don't know how to really look for the goods.

Ellen Marie Pike said...

Wow,you sure got some treasures. One of the best deals I ever got was a HUGE, wall-size, black-framed mirror with interesting lines and curves for $15.00. The person I bought it from had paid $150 at the High Point Furniture market but was moving.

I have also lucked into boutique clothing, from time to time, and whenever I wear those items I get compliments on how unique and trendy I look!

Thanks so much, Beverly, for taking the time to visit my blog, I sure appreciate it.

Have a great day!

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