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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make A Nativity

You'll all be happy to know I finished the Advent Calendar!  I'm sure it worried you greatly. ;-)

Today's activity was to make a Nativity.  I found a great one the kids could help with at ZiggityZoom!  Believe it or not, I had all the supplies necessary.  It never fails--whether I'm crafting or cooking--that I'm missing at least one item.  I guess I should confess I used C batteries for the bodies of Mary and Joseph because I had no corks.  Just call me Ms. McGuyver!

I think it turned out wonderfully!!

So do they!!


ArtyMarti said...

Very clever, and resourceful.

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

It looks great Beverly :)

Sweet Tea said...

"C" betteries? Who knew??!!
Great job and one that the grandkids obviously LOVE - just look at the smile on their faces!!

6L's said...

awww, i love it! their faces are too precious!

jany said...

Awww so cute
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