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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where Do I Begin....

Did you read that title with a little tune?  If so, we may be of an age.  If not, you should look it up on YouTube. 

Soooo.....I'm sure you've been wondering what I'm been up to.  Actually, quite a bit.  Let's do a little recap, shall we?

We've made popcorn the old fashioned way.

We've eaten lots of doughnuts!

We've built cool Lego structures!

We've collected lots of fresh eggs from chickens we share with friends.  That big one was a double yolk!

 We've played games on the Kindle.

Don't ya just love my little grandnerds?

And I've done some thrifting!
 $10 for this sweet little chair

 $5 for this side table.  (Look at all that pollen!)  The top had a little damage, so I sanded it down and painted it black.  It's already been sold at my booth!

Painted this sweet guy ($10) white and took it to the booth.  If it's still there tomorrow, I'll get a picture.

$5 for this beat up hamper.

After painting it with black paint I already had and adding some wooden appliques, it now sits in my bedroom.  I'm planning on adding a handle to the top.  Been wanting something other than the wicker hamper we've been using for years, but am too cheap didn't want to spend upwards of $75.  I've got maybe $25 in this one!

This mirror has begged--nay, pleaded--for a monogram forevah!  I tried a moss wreath, but it just wasn't working.  Found this huge C at a little boutique downtown.  Didn't get a before picture of the lovely bright blue--or the glitter.  But a quick couple of coats of Oil Rubbed Bronze and some double sided tape and both me and the mirror are happy!

And lastly, some highlights of Xander's room.  It's not done yet, but we're getting there.

 30x24 map from ($1), thumbtacked to wall
1x3 (about $3), cut to fit and nailed to wall

 Lampshade recovered with burlap ($4)
Old plywood tabletop ($1), paint I already had
'A' from Hobby Lobby ($2), paint I already had

Used the leftover wood from the map frame to make these (inspired from Pinterest)
Gorilla glued the clips and hung up to hold 'masterpieces'

Whew, makes me tired just reading this.  Think I'll go relax now with some Diet Dew!


Andrea said...

Wow! You have been busy with some really fun stuff! Love the pollen table (minus the pollen that is!)

Joyce said...

Goodness you've been busy! You've done some great projects. I wish I was crafty like that.

Connie said... tell the story of how great a love can be, a sweet love story that is older than the sea.
Yep, I am definitely from your era.

Good to see you back on here

Mary said...

Whew! You've been busy!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

wow, have you been busy or what! Looks like what you've been busy with has been fun and productive.

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