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Friday, November 30, 2012

A Crafter I Am Not

What do you do when you have a pushy daughter who is relentless in her efforts to make you step outside your comfort zone?

A) Start a blog

B) Join a Bunco group

C) Participate in a craft swap

D) All of the above!

If you chose D, you are exactly right! And I'm glad I did all these things. Thanks, Lauren!

Here are the ornaments I made with my own two little hands for the craft swap my daughter started. I take no credit for the that off Pinterest. Twelve ornaments cost me about $5. The wood was free--thanks, Lowes! The scrapbook paper was 40% off at Hobby Lobby and I just printed off the words. The original post used wire, but I already had twine and being the cheap frugal gal I am, I used that. But, of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone, so had to add a little bling bling to the mix. Back to Hobby Lobby for some sparkly do-dads and voila!

Can't wait to see what the other participants have made!


6L's said...

i love these, and i love that you let lauren get you outside your comfort zones!!

Lauren said...

I feel like I should be planning your next adventure! :) Love the ornaments!

Connie said...

Your horizons are broadening and your talents are being honed. Good job! Don't you just LOVE Pinterest?

Tracy said...

Great job.

Andrea said...

I absolutely love these. I fancy myself a crafter at times and these look tricky to me! Good for you!

Christina said...

very cute ornaments!

thanks for linking up to a Homemade Christmas!

Christina @

Mary Cooper said...

Very cute! You did a great job!!! Mine would've NEVER come out like that!

Jennifer said...

OMGosh, these are the ornaments I made for Lauren's Christmas Exchange Party! HAHA! Great minds think alike! I didn't jazz them up at all. But I did rip around the edges to make most of them look more rustic. That was my own personal touch. I try to do something fresh from my own head when I do pintrest things to not be a total Drone! =)

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