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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


There was some confusion regarding my 100 things list, so I thought I'd try to make some of the items a little clearer.

#41 - There are basically two versions of sign language. One is Exact Signed English where you sign every word in a sentence. American Sign Language signs only the necessary words and, in my opinion, is easier to sign and to understand. ASL is what I've studied and need to use more often than I do.

#47 & #81 - Yes, I hate to cook. However, a pregnant woman will do just about anything to satisfy a craving. And when you live a mile down a gravel road and about 5 miles from civilization and don't have a car, you do what you have to.

#33 - I also will not turn down a Mounds.

#44 - I used to walk for exercise--almost power walk--and could accomplish 5 miles in the hour Clayton was practicing baseball.

#55 - I was not a member of the church at this time.

#80 - My office had adopted a 5th-grade class for the school year and would make them goodies on holidays. We had fixed up bags for Valentine's Day and upon delivering them, I made sure to tell the teacher they were bisexual. When she looked confused, I repeated it. My co-worker was no help as she was on the floor laughing. I didn't realize what I'd said until I was back in the car. I never went back to the class.

1 comment:

Charlie & Nicole Borders said...

The story behind #80 makes this item even more funny! I can only imagine what that teacher was thinking!

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