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Monday, July 7, 2008

A Giant Leap Outside My Comfort Zone

We had a wonderful Fourth--made even better because our daughter Lauren and her family came up from Baton Rouge. It's been a whole three months since we got to see Cassidy and Grant! Needless to say, Darrell and I were excited about them being here. Cassidy has been wanting to ride on "Pa's boat" since she saw it back in the winter. So, of course, the plans included a trip to the river. I hadn't planned on going. I am NOT a water person in any sense of the word--well, unless you count drinking it or sitting in the hot tub. However, I got to thinking about all the things my husband goes out of his way to do for me and I decided it was time for me to do something special for him. I had told him earlier this week that I would try to try the tube before the summer was over. (I also asked him not to hold my feet to the fire about it.) This weekend seemed a perfect opportunity.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous a few times, but all in all I had a great time. And watching
Cassidy's excitement was the best part. I want to thank Darrell for holding back and not going as fast as he would have liked and for not weaving and trying to throw us off. I also want to thank Lauren for her instructions on the tube. She helped me know what to expect and what to do. I could never have done it alone!

I'm not saying I've turned into a water baby--but I'll be more willing to get out there now.
I think.


Lauren said...

Hooray for mom! I'm glad you did it. Cassidy was looking at the pictures this morning and loved seeing "Beeba and Mommy non the too".

Charlie & Nicole Borders said...

It is so cute that Cassidy has been wanting to ride on the boat! It was so nice of you to accompany them! I know it must have made them SO happy! And you got on the tube!!! WOW! Good job Beverly! I never really knew there were instructions for the tube other than to hold on though. Next we will see you on the water skis!

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