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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Idios, Anyone?

I have a few idiosyncrasies and got to wondering just how strange I might be. So I thought I'd share a few with all of you. Maybe you'll agree with the way I look at things and I'll find out I'm not that weird after all. Or maybe just the opposite will happen. Maybe you'll feel free to share some idios of your own to be sure you're not the strange one. Here goes:

When loading the dishwasher, I will not put 3 forks in the same compartment as one spoon. I have to have an even number of utensils. For example, I'll put 2 spoons and 3 knives, but never just one of anything. Also, if 2 glasses have been next to each other in the dishwasher, I have to put them beside each other in the cabinet.

If something has stripes on it, they have to be straight. Once I made the mistake of buying a striped comforter for our bed. If the stripes weren't straight, I couldn't go to sleep. I'd lay there awake until I was able to get the comforter straightened out, then I'd go to sleep immediately. I guess I was worried about having enough covers or something.

Okay, that's enough for now. I'm eager to see what you all have to say!


Charlie & Nicole Borders said...

My personal oddities are similiar, but not as...should I say, severe?
When I load the dishwasher I tend to get all the forks out of the sink and disperse them evenly in the compartments, then do the same with the spoons, knives, etc. However, I do not actually count the end result and it doesn't have to be even, just semiequal. Also, I can only put Charles' untensils in their own compartment. Nothing else can go in there and it is the same spot each time. While I appreciate Charlie trying to help by occasionally loading the dishwasher, it drives me kind of crazy to look at the way he did it because I have a certain place for specific items.
I can't really relate to the stripes, but as far as the bed goes, I can't stand for the sheet to be bunched up. Mine has to be flat at my feet or I can't sleep. Charlie kicks his around and bunches it up.
One more for me. Whenever I would fold Charlie's undershirts, if it wasn't even or if I folded a wrinkle into it (hard to explain), I had to start over. I made myself stop doing this though. There was one other thing I made myself stop, but I can't even think of it anymore.
So, don't worry, we are all strange!

Beverly said...

I'm the same way about folding shirts. And you made me think of something else. I rarely use a pencil--much prefer pens. But if I make a mistake, I write the whole thing over--even if the mistake is at the bottom of the page. Can't stand those scribbled out places!

Lauren said...

I've been trying to think of something that I could share, but nothing is coming to mind. I'm sure that I'm crazy too though. :) By the way...I see you have more dots on your map!

The Bay Family said...

Doug makes fun of me because certain foods I eat in layers. I figure I just like saving the best part for last, like those Little Debbie peanut butter bars and milky ways. It's kinda gross to watch actually.

Beverly said...

I know what you mean about the Milky Ways--they're my favorite candy bar. I have been known to eat everything but the caramel and save that for last to eat by itself. It's messy, but soooo worth it!

liz said...

Well....Let me just say this about the dishwasher...I hate putting the silverware in the basket. I am the type of person who cleans the food off my utensils- usually with my mouth. Connell however is not and he is particularly bad about peanut butter! All of my utensils have to be turned with the working side up-or they won't clean properly. So trying to get those disgusting dirty forks and such into the basket can be a real trick without touching the nasty parts.
I also have a "thing" about the shower curtain when I am getting into the shower after Connell. I do not want to be touched by the curtain on my legs (or really anywhere else) and I will do all sorts of contortions to get out of the way..It is almost like being burned if I do get touched...because the curtain is wet and cold! I also have an order I follow when I shower:exfoliate the face, rinse, lather hair, fill scrubby with body wash and scrubby, rinse from head to toe and apply conditioner, final rinse! Oh I am afraid you have opened a box of worms!

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