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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Is a Belief Window?

Have you ever heard the term "belief window"?  Other than when I mentioned it in a post the other day, of course.  I've had more than a few epiphanies lately that I want to share with you--and will, soon--but first, I want to put these links up so you understand what I'm talking about before we get started.  Hope you'll take the time to read them--maybe you'll have an epiphany or two of your own!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Wow!!! What a cool topic! I need to come back for more of this!

Yes, it's Common Sense, that we operate according to our Belief Windows. Common Sense.

But accepting what Common Sense tells us, and dealing with it, are two different things.

Thank you for introducing us to these links.

6L's said...

it seems i've heard it a time or two just recently. waiting for the next post. :)

Sweet Tea said...

Hadn't heard of the term, "Belief Window". Interesting.
I'm looking forward to what you will share with us. Goooo Girl!!

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Beverly-
Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog and linking it up to your Shout out series.

Eric and Rozanne said...

I haven't heard of a belief window before...interesting though!

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