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Monday, July 26, 2010

Do You Dollar Tree?

It's probably already known, but just in case there's one person out there who doesn't know yet--I love a bargain.  I love thrifting and yard saleing and flea marketing.  I love clearance racks and BOGOs.  I love the thrill of the hunt.   Apparently, I don't have the gene that allows me to pay full retail price.  It just kills me!

Unless it's the Dollar Tree.  That place is brimming with possibilities!  Sure, a lot of it is junk.  But if you have an imagination and an ounce of creativity, the sky's the limit.  Have you visited Dollar Store Crafts?  Do it.  Do it now.  Well, after you finish up here--and leave me a comment. ;-)

I have found some awesome books at Dollar Tree.  The one I'm reading now is intriguingly called "1000 Ways to Be a Slightly Better Woman".  I love it!  It's full of lists of easy--and maybe not so easy--things you can do today.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some of them with you, so be sure to check back.  Here's the first:

9 Habits Worth Forming:
1.  Flossing
2.  Getting to the gym on a regular schedule.
3.  Scheduling your next teeth cleaning, Pap smear, and mammogram as soon as you complete your last one.
4.  Clearing the kitchen counters before you go to bed.
5.  Making up before you go to sleep.
6.  Eating only one cookie.
7.  Taking the stairs in stead of the elevator.
8.  Saying thank you.
9.  Writing all your dates on one calendar.

Let me know how you do on #6, because that's one I don't think I'll ever be able to accomplish!

And I have to admit that at first glance I thought #5 meant to put on make up before bed. ;-)


Bee and Rose said...

Thanks for the linky! I'm going to make that toadstool today! Love it!

I've been trying to clean the kitchen counters nightly for the past several months. It's so nice to wake up to that clean space every morning! It made a huge difference in my day to organize the iPhones, keys, mail, etc.

Great post!

6L's said...

hehe, 'making up', lol!

Connie said...

Ok, so those are some great tips, thanks for sharing.

Shawn said...

You, a bargin hunter? I had no idea. LOL!!
I love seeing all the great stuff you get on the cheap. Makes me want to start going to yard sales... too bad I'm not a morning person.

Love the tips. Looking forward to more. I may even "steal" some, with permission, to use on my own blog.

Jenn said...

No way could I eat just one cookie! If I'm gonna eat one, I have to have at least three!!

And I though #5 meant to put on make up too...heehee!

Angela said...

I LOVE the Dollar Tree! Did I mention I LOVE the Dollar Tree?

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