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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thrifty Finds

Not a lot to show for yesterday's thrifting, but what I got was worth the trip!

First up are the goodies I got at a new thrift store.  Sorry for the poor quality pics--I was too excited to move everything for better lighting.

these purty green shoes--made in Italy no less--$4.99

these darling beaded sandals w/ kitten heel--also $4.99

two skirts--$2.99 & 75% off--that's 75 cents, folks!
the polka dotted one is Pierre Cardin

cute little dish at $1.99--about the size of a saucer

Hubby and I went yard saleing (saling?--how DO you spell that anyway!?) in the morning.  Only hit a few, but lucked out at a couple.  He got a nice step ladder and seed spreader and the lady threw in these 3 pizza paddles for free.  New, still in packaging.

but the piece de resistance (insert French accent here) is this:

I've been wanting a new Total Gym for some time and finally my patience (of which I have little) was paid off!  This thing has hardly been used and was actually in the box at the sale--with a price tag of $200.  I really didn't want to pay that much and at Darrell's insistence offered $100--figuring she'd dicker.  Nope.  She said sure and I had that money out in a flash and the box in the back of the truck before she woke up and changed her mind!  There are 3 DVDs included--and 2 of them had never been opened!  Talk about a deal of the century.  I did a search after we got home and couldn't find it for less than $975!  Haven't stopped smiling since!


Bee and Rose said...

Now THAT'S a HUGE bargain!!! My sister bought one last year and paid retail!

Those shoes are fabulous!

6L's said...

woohoo! does the thought cross your mind to sell it, keep the old one, and make some profit? lol, great buys!!

Connie said...

I hear you on the whole bargain thing. I absolutely hate to pay full price for anything. Bargains make me happy.
You scored on your little outing, so jealous.

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