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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Funnest Things

One of my favorite bloggy friends Sweet Tea asked me what was the funnest thing on my trip.  I couldn't think of just one thing, so I'll share a couple of highlights.

After just a day or two I was a little homesick.  This helped me cope a bit.  Though it wasn't quite as familiar inside as I'm used to.  The first picture is in Bern, Switzerland.  The others are in Italy.  I was surprised at how many McDonald's we saw.  They were everywhere!  Rome, Siena, Florence, Venice.  Amazing.

Fresh pastries--at McDonald's!

This was on our way back to Switzerland.  We stopped for milk shakes & a potty break!

I told him you're supposed to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain--not me!

Being silly in Pompeii
These stones indicate this as a two-way street

Would you like fries with that?
A 'fast food' place in Pompeii

You Twilight fans recognize this building?  It worked out that our halfway point on the trip north was Montipulciano--where New Moon was filmed.  This is the infamous square.  I have a picture of Darrell and me in front of the red door, but it won't cooperate.

We actually stayed in the hotel where the cast stayed while filming!  This is our room.  This was by far the best hotel we stayed in.  Very old and quaint.  Wish I could have brought the furniture home with me!  Our friends had the room "Edward" was in.  Sorry for the poor pics--it was dark and we had to use the flash.

And what's a trip to Italy without a couple of hours at the laundromat?  The two machines closest are dryers--the others are washers.  Detergent, bleach, fabric softener are included and added automatically.  Good thing--doing three loads cost us almost $40!

My favorite day was when we went back to Vicenza--where we spent our first three years of marriage.  This is the apartment building we lived in.  Bottom left.  It's not government housing anymore and didn't look this nice when we were there.  It was fun to see it again though.

To answer Sweet Tea's comment:  it was pretty chilly in Switzerland, but beautiful in Italy.  It drizzled on us in Pompeii and was a little cool, but other than that, we had glorious sunny weather every day.


6L's said...

haha, McD's is EVERYWHERE! interesting about the pastries being there. we went to a gourmet mcd's while vacationing in florida...i sppose they have diff kinds in diff places?

Sweet Tea said...

Thanks for the mention, GF!
Loved seeing all the Mickey D's...BUT, I lost a breath when you said it cost $40 for 3 loads of laundry!!! Love the photo in the laundromat too. I notice in some photos people are bundled up like it's cold and in others your dh is wearing shorts. Interesting.
I'm enjoying traveling vicariously through you. Keep the photos coming...How sweet that you got to see "your" apartment building. Awwwww.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

WooT!!! You got to Montipulciano and the famous square!

[Bet you can't guess that I'm a 'Twilight' fan, now can you? -giggles-]

Lauren said...

Did you try any of the McDonalds pastries? :)

erikab said...

Lol. There were mcdonalds everywhere in China too! Taking over the world!!!Thanks for sharing pics!

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