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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Shout Outs

Calm Down, for Christ's Sake -- an excellent post on rethinking one's attitude

The Day I Didn't Brush My Daughter's Hair -- food for thought on starting one's day

What to Do With the STUFF -- because so many of you ask me the same question

Like Little Children -- Sherrie always has an interesting perspective

The Ultimate DIY -- may you be inspired -- read this one if you don't read any others!

Truth Works! -- words we should all live by

Thrifting Tips From a Pro -- good information to store away


erikab said...

I'm leaving a comment because I noticed that you have not blogged in the past three days and Clayton and I have both blogged since then. You don't want Clayton to beat you do you? That would just be sad. So just in case you are on strike from blogging until someone leaves you a nice comment, here's my comment.

p.s. We really like your blog because I am too scared of using the phone to call you and Clayton is too lazy. So it's fun to hear what's happenin' in that great state you live in.

erikab said...

One more thing... do you get emails when you get comments? It's a pretty cool thing.

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