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Monday, August 23, 2010

Howdy Y'all!

Since school's started in most places, I thought it apropos (love that word!) to have another lesson in How to Speak Southern.  I know y'all've been waitin with bated breath to improve y'all's vocabulary, so here ya go--

First, a little quiz.  I'll provide a word and you tell me what you think it is outside the southeast.  Check back tomorrow for the correct answers.  There may even be a little prize involved.

1.  Nachur

2.  Gummut

3.  Kep

4.  Ahce

5.  Share

6. Usta

7.  Lar

8.  Daints

9.  Quar

10.  Tal

Have Fun!!


Connie said...

Ok, here is my attempt at 'southern speak';
1. not your
2. dad gummut (gosh darn it)
3. kept
4. ice
5. sure
6. used to
7. liar
8. that ain't
9. require
10. tell

Connie said...

Change #8 to dance. I went back and looked at your list and figured that one out.

♥Georgie♥ said...

OMgosh LOL this is hard

1. Nachur=not yours

2. Gummut= dag gum it

3. Kep=yep

4. Ahce=achoo

5. Share=their

6. Usta=used too

7. Lar=Liar

8. Daints=dance

9. Quar=you are

10. Tal=towel
LOL I know i did just awful!!!!
This was fun

Rozanne said...

I'm definitely not good at this...I haven't lived in the South long enough. I'm looking forward to seeing the results though. :) Maybe I can learn a thing or two. :)

Sharon said...

ok don't know it you want what they mean or can I use it in a sentence?

1. That's mine nachurs.

2. I told you not to do that dag gummut.

3. I kep it for myself.

4. (not sure if that is ahoe). there is ahoe lot of people standing over there

5. (not sure using this one right) I share am tired.

6. I usta live up a HOLLER but not I don't.

7. Your a lar.

8. That food is good daints nothing wrong with it.

9. I sing in the quar at church.

10. not sure.

Had fun!!! now one for you. can you tell me just how far spitting distance is? I've used it several times but not sure about the distance.

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