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Monday, August 2, 2010

You Ready For Another List?

This is one of my favorites from
1000 Ways to Be a Slightly Better Woman.
It may be a little risque for some of you--suck it up and read on.  

Ten Advantages of Having a Longtime Lover
1.  No big between-the-sheets surprises--you want me to do what?!?

2.  No awkward conversations about birth control or STDs.

3.  He's pretty much made peace with your white cotton panties.

4.  When he buys you lingerie for your birthday, he gets the right size.  But he also knows you're going to return it.

5.  Whether you're in the mood for calming, loving, or rock-the-house sex, you know how to get it from him.

6.  You can tell him all your fantasies, and maybe even act out a few.

7.  He'll appreciate your body even when you don't suck in your stomach.

8.  After sex, you can move directly to sleep or The Colbert Report without anyone's feelings getting hurt.

9.  When you sleep together, you can actually sleep.

10.  You don't have to wonder whether he loves you:  you know he does.


6L's said...

very true!

Bee and Rose said...

What a great list! (and so true!) Loved it!!!

Connie said...

Ok! I can agree with some of these, but not saying which ones. A girl have to keep a few secrets.

Angela said...


Gramee said...

I love this list I am going to refer my husband to it..he will get a kick from it.

I love to tease the kids about our
healthy "love Life"
they cringe..


Jenn said...

Love it (esp. #7)!! :o)

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