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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An End in Sight?

Thought I'd share a few photos of our progress so far on the kitchen. Poor Darrell--he works all day, then comes home to work on my projects. I wish I was stronger and handier with power tools. I'm just physically unable to lift and carry the underflooring.

This is where my fridge has been since Saturday. The kitchen table was in the living room till we moved it back in on Sunday for dinner and then never moved it back out. The fan is to dry the floor where the ice maker tubing leaked.

Today's goal: finish laying the underflooring and whole tiles. We'll be
Scarlett O'Hara on the edge tiles.
"Tomorrow is another day."

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Lauren said...

I LOVE the floor! It looks so great. You guys are doing a fantastic job. I always thought you should be an interior decorator.

The Bay Family said...

It looks so pretty!!!

Charlie & Nicole Borders said...

Looks good! My parents LOVE remodeling. They always have project going. You look like a pro! It is a lot of work, but definately worth it. Very nice.

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