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Thursday, August 14, 2008

What a Pain in the Neck!

Yesterday morning, I woke up with either a pinched nerve or a crick in my neck. And it's only slightly better today. I've tried all kinds of home remedies--hot tub, massage setting on the showerhead, Bengay, Lortab. Not much has helped. About 9 last night, Darrell remembered he had some Tylenol 3 left over from some dental work he'd had done. I took one and went to bed. Slept pretty good considering. I've continued the Tylenol 3 and am sitting here now with a bath towel rolled length wise and wrapped around my neck and held together with a shoelace. I never realized how heavy my head is till the support system was compromised.

I'm happy to try just about anything you might have found useful in the past for a similar problem. Short of actually seeing a doctor, of course. Wouldn't want to do anything rash! (Though I will admit a chiropractor is sounding pretty good about now.)


Tamara said...

YUCK! Unfortunately, I don't have any kind of good advice. I would've tried exactly what you're so smart! The towel thing sounds great! Have you tried putting some heat to it? I hvae these socks that are my favorite. I took some men's crew socks and filled them 2/3 w/ regular rice and tied them tighly at the end. You put them in the microwave for about 2 minutes and those things are GREAT!!! They stay heated for a while (giving muscules a relief) and are really comfy, too. Maybe try that???

Beverly said...

I am feeling some better finally. Thanks for the idea of the socks. I may have to do that. I remember the chiropractor in NC telling me to do cold first (cold never hurts, but heat can). I spent last evening with a cold pack on my neck and I think that helped. I stopped the Tylenol 3 as it was making me nauseous. I do still have a swollen area on the back of my neck which worries me since it might be a herniated disc.

liz said...

I hope you are better by tomorrow ...if not we need to so the thing that makes you most comfortable- If you need something please let me know! by the way it sounds like Darrell walloped your nose into the back of your neck!Warrens a
Apothecary may have a neck brace for you !

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