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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Latest

Here is the sideboard Darrell and I purchased for the kitchen. Don't you love it? We got it at a local Habitat for Humanity store that recycles items from remodels and other construction. Just in case you're wondering, we're not leaving it like this. After sanding it down, I'm going to paint it black and we're going to put ceramic tile on top. I'm hoping to find baskets to put in the cubbies. Will post pictures once it's done.

Off topic: Anyone know how to hang grapevine?


Lauren said...

I do love it. Is that where you are putting it? And I am really looking forward to seeing you get a new floor!

(P.S. Did you take that photo off the camera all by yourself? HOOHOO!)

Beverly said...

No to your first question. YES!! to the second.

The china cabinet is going where the sideboard is in the picture. The sideboard will go against the brick wall. I'm getting a pot rack to hang above it.

The guy at the store asked us to take pictures they could put up as an example of reworking used items.

Tamara said...

Bev(erly).....ha ha ha ha

I was just introduced to your nifty lil blog through Marlena. Small world, isn't it!!! I am amazed by your computer & woodworking skills!!! My mom is still trying to figure out simple emailing procedures!

You're lookin quite good these days. Congrats on the great find! I love finding good deals and making them into something even more useful! Good job!

Beverly said...

Tamara!! Good to hear from you. How is married life? Where are you living now?

I guess I should clarify that this piece was probably an entertainment center in a former life. But the size and height are perfect for what we want and where it's going to go. I just hope it turns out like we hope.

Tamara said...

I'm in Missouri now, and being married is great. NO kids just yet, but I'm sure they'll come when they're ready. Philip is due for #3 in about 2 months!!! I'm teaching Spanish and this will be my 3rd year at the same Jr. High, and I hope I'm there forever!!

I love the idea of creating new things out of other people's craziness. I think it will turn out lovely! It almost makes me wanna go garage sale shopping (but then again...maybe not!)

The Bay Family said...

My parents have grown grapes my whole life in both houses they have ever had so I feel like I should be able to answer that grape vine question. I'll have to ask them, that is if growing real grapes is even what you are talking about.

You're house is looking great by the way! Way to go!

Beverly said...

The grapevine is for above the windows. I've seen it sort of draped decoratively, but I doubt I can do it. I'm thinking of using a bunch of baskets with handles or (more likely) a swag type thing of grapevine and dried flowers. Any thoughts, anyone? (Am I way too into all of this? I feel like I'm starting to obsess.)

Tamara said...

Doing the swag thing sounds a bit ou-dated, to be honest, Beverly...but I would have to see the finished product & I might change my mind ;).

So, I've done a bit of draping/wrapping around flowers, and vines sort of thing. I put quite a few small nails in the wall and scatter them out. I kinda form a pattern that I want the greenery to go in first, then place the nails accordingly (am I making ANY sense here?). Then, I take the vines/leaves/flower ordeals and wrap/hang them around the nails and use them as kinda a guide. It usually works, but it a bit tedious.

There's my 10 cents. Anyone got a better idea?

Beverly said...

I've tried for hours--literally--to find a picture of what I want to do and came up empty handed. What I really want is the grapevine, so I think I'm gonna go to a local florist and pick their brains to do it correctly. Will send pictures and then shut up and find something else to bug you all with. ;-)

Tamara said...

sounds like a good idea....go ask the experts! I love going to the sewing departments of the stores and ask their expertise on the CHEAPEST way to make things. You'd be amazed at some of their suggestions....sounds like an intersting post!! ha ha

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