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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who Knew??

I'm going to borrow Nicole's idea and post a couple of things I've just found out and let you in on some things I've known for a while, but am still awed by.

1. ...that there is a wonderful over the counter nausea medicine that works in less than 5 minutes? It's called
Nauzene and is available at Walmart and Walgreens for under $10. A little pricey, but it's worked every time I've used it. I keep it in my purse and bedside table. I plan on never being without it. As Earl is my witness, I'll never holler for him again!

2. ...that
Vaseline will strengthen your eyelashes? I have short little stubby lashes that fall out easily. I was looking for something to help them grow and discovered that there are many expensive products out there, but Vaseline does the trick. Take an old mascara wand, clean it well, and use it to apply the Vaseline before bed. I've already seen a difference. You can also put Vaseline on your feet, then put on socks, and go to bed. In the morning, your tootsies will be softer.

3. ...that
Milk of Magnesia is a wonderful facial mask for oily skin? My skin has always been oily and I read that MoM would help since it has a clay base. I've used it for years now and it works. After cleansing my face each morning, I apply a thin coat and let it dry a few minutes, then rinse off. I can tell a difference when I don't use it.

4. ...that
baking soda has a million uses? Read the box or go to the website. It's a cleanser, deodorizer, antacid, etc. I use it as an exfoliant. On days when I've worn makeup all day, I cleanse my face, then gently scrub with the baking soda. Feels so smooth and clean!

5. ...that a
lemon can smooth and soften your elbows? Cut a lemon in half then plop an elbow in each half. Sit a few minutes and voila! Your elbows will be clean and smooth.

6. ...that I apparently have too much time on my hands and invest too much effort in my appearance? Oh, wait, most of you have known me a while, so this one isn't really news.


The Bay Family said...

Lemon juice in your dishwasher will clean it out like crazy. I did this last week and could not believe the change.

Darrell said...

Do you use it straight? How much?

Beverly said...

The above comment is from me. My husband has no interest in cleaning the dishwasher with or without lemon juice.

Charlie & Nicole Borders said...

These are very interesting. Yeah, I am quite the opposite about taking time to use special concoctions on these types of things. However, when I have a question, I'll make sure to come to you for advice! By the way, it is Venice.

The Bay Family said...

I just put lemon juice from a bottle into the soap place and ran the washer. (empty of course) and it worked great. I had read to use koolaid and started to try it and Doug freaked out because it was orange and thought I'd dye everything orange. So I stopped it and put in lemon juice after Doug read that it should have been lemonade koolaid because of the acid in it or something.

Charlie & Nicole Borders said...

I love the new picture you have up! Maybe I should think about using some of your beauty secrets, because you always have looked great!!

liz said...

Hey get this one...if you mash up bananas and put them in your bra it will make your breasts perkier....yea and kitty litter (unused) is pure clay and makes a wonderful facial mask also!
Love the new look Beverly- you did it!

liz said...

Whoa...wait a minute! Look at the picture! WOW now that is a great picture! Darrell you look good too...

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