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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here's a real thought provoker...

I search: for peace, but usually in the wrong places

I regret: not appreciating the good friend Shana was

I love: sitting in the hot tub late at night talking with Darrell, looking at the stars and watching planes

I care: about others more than I let on

I always: carry all my makeup with me--just in case (I was caught in the rain once and spent the day at work looking like a drowned rat)

I worry: about losing Darrell or one of my children or grandchildren

I am not: as good a housekeeper as people think I am

I remember: when a quarter could get you a soda and candy bar

I believe: in love at first sight

I sing: terribly (I knew Darrell really loved me when he would let me sing in the car and not shut me up or make me walk)

I dance: about as well as I sing

I don't always: prepare my Sunday School lesson like I should

I argue: because sometimes I forget that different from me is not necessarily better or worse, just different

I write: on this blog, because I can't always say what I really feel

I win: when my family is happy

I lose: when I try to force my opinions on others

I wish: I was more outgoing

I listen: but not as well as I talk

I don't understand: why I'm not happier because I have so much to be grateful for

I can usually be found: lately sitting in front of this computer

I am scared: of losing someone I love

I need: more friends

I forget: way too many things all too often

I am happy: when my family is all together

Time for all bloggers to think and post this on your blog, b/c I tag YOU!!!

1 comment:

Tamara said...

Hey girl...haven't checked your blog in weeks...ugh! School and school are kickin my bootie these days! I like this post...maybe when I have a few minutes I'll do it on my own (but we all know when that'll be.....hmmmmm). And did you try Melody's recipe for soup? Sounds nasty to me, like something only a grandma would appreciate. You let me know! ;)

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