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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who's Looking at This?

You may have noticed a map on the sidebar that tracks the locations of those checking out my blog. It's been confined to the US until this morning (at least that's when I noticed it). Look at all those hits from all over the world! I have to admit to a little case of envy when I would see all the hits Lauren had. Now I have my own.

Then I had to wonder what had drawn these curious people to my little old blog. Could it be the news of my new hair cut had been broadcast far and wide? As I pondered this possibility, it dawned on me that perhaps it's the word "buzz" in the name. Reckon these poor unfortunates were looking for a connection of a certain kind? Imagine their disappointment when all they found was a grandmother from the South bemoaning her hair dilemmas and bragging on her husband!


Holly said...

Or they have stumbled on it and have come to realize like all of us what a great person you are.

We all moan and complain at some point. We wouldn't be human if we didn't.

The Richards Family said...

hey beverly, have you ever just clicked at the top of someone's blog 'next blog'? this could be where some of these people are hitting your blog. sometimes, i just randomly read people's that i don't know and it seems like most of them are diff countries/languages...otherwise, i have no idea lol!

Beverly said...

I have clicked on 'next blog' and run into some real winners. Let's just say obviously not members of the church. And once I happened on a girl from China. Couldn't read a word, but beautiful pictures.

I figured that was the case, just thought it was interesting that it had blossomed all at once.

The Richards Family said...

i've gone through before and run into several members in one sitting and then other times nothing but garb, haha.

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