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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reveal Your Inner Poet

If you read my last post, you saw one of my favorite poems at the end. Searching for it had me looking through an old folder from high school. I would copy poems that struck a chord with me and keep them in this folder. I also wrote poetry. Doesn't every teenaged girl?

Did you ever write? Stories or poems? Who were your favorite poets? I love Sara Teasdale, Rod McKuen, and ee cummings. Share!

Here's one for you young moms. I found this when I was a young mother and it helped.

The Test
Susan F. Shaw

What is a home without handprints and mess?
No toys, no clothes, might make me guess
Are these children being permitted to grow
In mind, in body, and even show
Emotion, understanding, patience, and love,
Or are they confined and held like a glove?

Our children are robust, eager and willing.
No different from others and it would be silly
To expect perfection; complete understanding
Of adult situations; in fact even maddening

To see them grow up without first fumbling
Over the scattering of toys, their messes with food,
Clothes under their beds, and always good moods.

To think our children wouldn't need us to guide them,
Arms outstretched to stand behind them.
So for the price of handprints and mess
A home for the children,
For parents a test.


KaWheelers said...

Sorry -- this has nothing to do with poets/poems. I just wanted to let you know that if you had a Lost marathon catch up party, I would totally be there!! :)

Our Family said...

definitely not a poet myself but this did give me an idea for a post i've been delaying for awhile now! thanks, i'm stealing it from you! :)

The Wheeler 5 said...

thanks for sharing the poem! it is so true....

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