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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Hunting Today!

After a brief hiatus from yard sales, I couldn't resist a nearby neighborhood sale this morning.  I mean, come on, they were advertising 15-20 families!  So, off we went about 7am.  I think we done good!

A couple of easels--$2 for the big one, $1 for the smaller

50 cent candle holder, 25 cent planter, and $1.50 for the large pitcher

$1 for the 5 kids' books, 50 cents for the Portuguese book, 50 cents for the box of cars, and a dime for Donatello

$2 for the Cozy Coupe and $1 for the helmet

$10 for a portable basketball goal!

$20 for a brand new CamelBak!

$5 for a new in box ice cream freezer which will be used tonight!

Got a few other things, but these were the deals!  Too bad it was so very hot or we might have stayed out longer. Hope your hunting was just as good.


Mary said...

I always get so jealous when I read about finds that other people found! "You done good!"

Christie said...

booo I didnt get to go hunting! Where on earth do you find these deals? Every yard sale that I go to, they're trying to pay their mortgage with their crap! Congrats on the great hunt!

Never Enough Orange said...

wow. 20 bucks for a new camelbak. that is incredible.

6L's said...

keep your eyes open for a bumbo baby seat for me, pretty please? and a kid broom. really great buys! ice cream maker...what flavor you makin'?

Lori E said...

Great deals.
I had a basketball hoop like that in the driveway for years. Piece of advice..fill the base with sand and not water or one day it will fall forward when the water evaporates. Not a good thing.

The Traylor's said...

I really need to start hitting up some yard sales. I'm trying to find some white platters and dishes. You've inspired me!

Connie said...

You Scored! I love the easle's and the white pitcher. Oh ya, and hubs said you were smart to buy that CamelBak, they are expensive.

Eric and Rozanne said...

I really love the easels. I'd love to see how you use them. I love you see your yardsale finds. Nothing more excited than getting a good deal.

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