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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Loving this sunshine and warmer temps!  Not to mention the fact that I can breathe again!  Still have a nagging cough, but I'm trying to ignore that.  I got outside today and accomplished some long-neglected chores.  Fired up the trusty weed eater and finished up the trim after Darrell mowed yesterday evening.  Then attacked the out of control creeping phlox.  I love this stuff and it is beautiful when it blooms.

Unfortunately, the rest of the year, it just looks shaggy.  Crabgrass has snuck into it and I can't for the life of me get it out, so I decided to just dig everything up and start over.  I got about halfway done before my energy gave out.  As my favorite Scarlett says:  tomorrow is another day.

Also crossed off a couple of spray painting projects.  I'm trying to lighten up the living room for spring, so painted a bird cage and candleholder.  The before picture doesn't do justice to the lovely gold paint job.  Now it's gray, which I think I like, but is too glossy.  Maybe a glaze to tone it down?

I also started in on a wicker chair I bought last year and plan on using in my office, but my can of Heirloom White clogged up on me and I had to quit.

Here's my inspiration photo from Ballard Design:


always...always said...

geeze you wore me out just reading about your handy dandy chores... here you are trying to rid of your purple stuff (lol) and i am trying to grow it... go figure!
glad you are feeling better...hughug

Connie said...

The creeping phlox is beautiful. Too bad you have to dig it out. I have some creeping thyme that the weeds just won't stay out of. I am determined to win out and let the weeds know who's boss.

Mary said...

My, you've been busy! The phlox is gorgeous! I need to get into my area and do some serious weeding. The ground cover that I planted last May is still sparse (thanks to OS thinking he was doing a favor by raking up a bunch of it in the fall!), so it's still easy to get to and spray or pull.
Have a good weekend!

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Oh my, you have been busy! I love creeping phlox ... I have some around the mailbox. I do need to get out today and get some mulch spread (and do a little weeding). Hate how those coughs drag on for FOREVER! F=

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