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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Now I Remember!

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting Today's Thrifty Treasures today! I'm so glad she does this on Mondays--gives me a reason to look forward to them! Make sure you take some time to check her out as well as all the amazing links!

Did you hear that sigh of relief? I wasn't expecting these pictures to be here. Right after these pictures loaded, my grandson accidentally knocked the computer over and it wouldn't reboot. Looks like we'll be headed to the repair shop today. Luckily, we have another computer I can continue to blog on. Unluckily, our pictures are loaded on the broken one.

As I mentioned before, we have a couple of grandchildren for a week or so. I didn't think we'd be able to yard sale since they were here. After seeing that a nearby housing development was having a neighborhood sale, I knew we had to make the attempt. So up at 7 and off we went with two sleepyheads.

Melody quickly got into the swing of things! We may have created a monster. It wasn't long before I remembered why I didn't go to many yard sales when the kids were young. They touch EVERYTHING! I didn't get much looking done for making sure no kids were picking up something they shouldn't.

That being said, I did manage these two babies. I will admit to coming home a little frustrated, but that's okay. Next Saturday, a friend and I are heading to Greenville, KY for their weekly flea market!

I love these little brass containers. Got the tall one for $.25. The little one beside it I got years ago at a flea market and was told it's supposed to hold a cricket for good luck. Don't know about that, but I liked the story.

Got this candleholder for $2. I almost left it there and at the last minute, just couldn't.

And here's one of Melody's finds. Only $.50 for this great little lamp for her room. It works great and looks really pretty when it's on. She also bought some sea shells, books, new gel pens, card games, and a tiny notebook. Elias found some Hot Wheels and action figures. Darrell got a small window air conditioner for his garage office. It had only been used once and was $25! All in all, everyone went home happy.


~~Carol~~ said...

It's always an experiment in terror bringing little ones shopping, isn't it?! You're teaching them some important things though: how to be creative and frugal! But you still managed to find some goodies. Love that candle holder! It would be pretty, used inside or out. Good luck at the flea market!

Sue said...

Beverly, the story of the cricket box is too cute. Will you be painting your metal finds? I can see flickering candles out on the patio with the candleholder. Good buys! Sue

Kammy said...

Good job Beverly ! I also love a great deal ! We can decorate for the cheap !
Hugs ~ Kammy

Courtney said...

You know it's a success when everyone comes home happy!

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