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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful that Sweet Tea is back from her vacay. It was fun to guest blog for her, but oh the pressure. She is very funny and I was worried about filling her shoes. Though I'm not sure what to think about someone who goes to the beach for a week, then runs off to Bunko for several days. What a life!

Most of all, today I am thankful Lauren is back home. She is my youngest daughter and is 29 weeks pregnant. Lauren just spent a couple of days in the hospital with a high fever--ran as high as 103 at times. They did blood work, nose culture, etc, but found nothing. Now the doctor suspects a virus. He pumped her full of antibiotics, then sent her home last night. Lauren's first pregnancy was fairly uneventful. Her second was anything but--and the baby decided to make an early appearance, like 3 months early. We really don't want a repeat of that. I pray the next 80 or so days goes quickly and smoothly.

Make it a great day, ladies. And if you'd like to share something YOU'RE thankful for, we'd love to hear it.


5L's said...

RAIN!! no watering the bale garden today! enjoy your lovely spa day! ahhh, what a great day for it!!

Lauren said...

I'm pretty thankful that I'm home and doing better too. And that baby is fine.

ChocDrop said...

Just kinda went through something like that with my daughter. Really bad infection made her sick. She is doing better though and due in a couple weeks.

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