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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Wow! You miss a few days posting and everyone deserts! Only one comment on my last post--I'll try not to take it personally, but y'all know I'm thin skinned. I need to know you're out there!

I am thankful today for sweet grandchildren. I have five (for th
e time being)--three of them have lived nearby almost all their lives. Tomorrow those three move six hours away. I know it's a good thing, but I don't know how I'm going to make it. For the first time in about ten years, I won't have any children or grandchildren living close to me. The next few days will be bittersweet for me.

Again today I am thankful that Lauren and baby are doing better. Lauren has had a rough time lately with her pregnancy and still has about ten weeks to go. She's lost five pounds over the last week and was dehydrated. Today she went to the doctor and they did a laundry list of tests. Maybe--just maybe--they'll fi
gure out what's going on with her and can take care of the problem.

I am grateful the storms yesterday didn't do much damage. The tv news was detailing the storm's progress and actually showed the road we live on. We had lots of rain, wind, and lightning--but no damage. We were lucky. A friend took these pictures while driving.

I'll be out of pocket this weekend moving my daughter and the kiddies, but I'll be back on Sunday or Monday. Pick up some good yard sale stuff for me--since I won't be able to do it for myself!!


5L's said...

wow! those pictures right here in clarksville!!! me and the kiddies were down in the basement last night while loren was huddled at the church with the scouts til 9pm! i am extremely grateful for a basement that makes me feel a little safer! thankful for friends that give me support when i need it. :)

Holly said...

Big hugs for you Beverly. You can borrow my children anytime that you would like to for filling the void that you will have. Just kidding. I haven't been on latley as I have had a lot of cleaning and other craziness. I did miss ou while you were gone from blogging, when I had the time to miss you that is. I hope to one day have this house organized so that I can have more time to enjoy Dalten being home from school.

Scrappy Doo said...

Those clouds are scary lookin!
Glad yall are OK
The news said yall have been getting alot of rain.
None hear near Waco TX dry and 100 degrees!
As a famous witch once said
"I'm Melting"
Keep us posted on what the dr. says
Prayers are with ya!

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean about the lack of comments. Perhaps it's a summer "thang", but my comments/commenters have dropped of dramatically. Perhaps I've become boring? Perhaps no one likes me? Blogging can cause such mental anguish, huh? LOL

I'm so sorry your grandbabies are moving away. I can totally relate, as we were the ones who moved away 5 years ago. *sniff But, like me, I predict you'll get very creative and find lots of ways to keep in touch. (((HUGS)))

ChocDrop said...

I agree, my comments have been low on most posts, but I still keep writing. Some one is still reading even if they aren't posting.

Sue said...

That is scary looking weather! OH is hot and dry right now, I am actually wishing for rain, not storms but gentle rain....
I hope your little funk will subside. It isn't fun to have no one around. I always hate when Dan goes back to school after a break. Do you have close friends to help keep you occupied? Go out thrifting so you can re-do some more furniture! I look for your new posts in Reader- right now I am sooooo behind in my reads... as you can see by the time it is 2 am here. got to go to sleep. just wanted to let you know I'm still around. just slow.... :-) sue

Angela said...

I got to speak to Holly at church the other Wednesday night. She seemed excited. I know it will be very hard to be away from the "babies". If you need an listening ear, I have two!

The Traylor's said...

We were stuck on the interstate between exits 8 and 4 as those storms rolled through. NOT FUN!!!! Jeremy and I have literally never been so scared in our lives. I think we both thought we might die like that. Those pictures are amazing! I was too scared to think about getting my camera out, I could just kick myself now.

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