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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Got 10 minutes?

And $6? Then you can get pretties like these! I made a quick trip to the post office to mail my grandson's birthday package and just had to stop at our local paperback exchange--which happens to be next door to Goodwill. I was in a hurry because I had someone coming to the house to pick up some clothes, but how could I be so close to my beloved GW and not at least go in?? I determined I would just make a quick walk through--not even get a buggy (side note: yes, it is a buggy--not a cart). That way I couldn't get much anything, right? Well, it was a good idea in theory anyway!

Thanks to several blogs I frequent, I can't pass up a tray anymore. This one was a whopping $1.99! It has a glass insert with an oval matting thing underneath. After close scrutiny, I found small screws on the sides, which means I can remove the glass and put something under it. Suggestions?

I spent last week with my daughter who has a tiny kitchen. Bless her heart, cuz she loves to cook and hasn't much room to do so. Don't tell her, but I found this beautiful breadbox and am planning to surprise her with it. What do you think--red or heirloom white? This was priced at $2.99, but was 50% off.

I also have developed an affinity for brass. But apparently it has to be weathered and worn for me to love it, and this was no exception. The $1.99 price tag didn't hurt either! I've bought several pieces like this recently and haven't cleaned any of them--and don't intend to! This baby will go on my husband's dresser with a couple of others like it.


Cam said...

Don't paint it! Don't paint it! Maybe a little sandpaper to take that ugly house off the lid, but just think how pretty the wood grain will be with a nice stain...

Barb said...

Great finds!!

Brass: I lvoe it tarnished nad old looking too, as well as copper, and silver the same way.

Bread box: if red goes in her kitchen, think that would be striking!!

Tray: lace? old doily, photo.
depends on what you like most.

Barbara Jean

Shady Creek Lane said...

Awesome finds. Love the tray (I'm even breaking one of the 10 commandments, you know the one about coveting) well I covet that tray.
I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Lauren said...

Erm...surprise? If you MUST paint it (haha), I think your daughter might like red. Maybe. And as for the tray, I think you should make another one with the chalkboard paint and give it to your daughter for HER kitchen. She might like that too.

5L's said...

loving the breadbox, i want the next one you find!

Sharon said...

You always find the best stuff. I get such good ideas from the things you do. I love Goodwill. We don't have one here. Poor me.

Marlena said...

The last pic looks like something someone's ashes might be in...Have you given that thing a good shake to hear if anything's inside???

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