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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tag, I'm IT

I've been tagged by Connie over the Shady Creek Lane (hi, Connie!), so here I go with more fascinating random stuff about me.  Of course, now that you have all this information, I may have to kill you....

Seven Personality Traits  (I could just copy Connie's answers, we're so much alike)

1.  I had a wonderful grandmother and determined long ago that I wanted to be just like her.  I hope I'm succeeding.

2.  I tend to procrastinate when I don't want to do something.  Rarely makes the situation better and usually makes it worse.

3.  I like to make people laugh.  Sometimes though I can come across as sarcastic or cynical.

4.  When I'm upset or hurt or angry, I pout.  Just close up shop--don't talk, don't go out, don't blog.

5.  I love to spend money.  Oh, if only we were independently wealthy!

6.  Rarely do I leave home without makeup.  And even if I'm staying home, I put on makeup and do my hair before Darrell comes home.  I want to look nice for him.

7.  Not to copy Connie, but I would rather be home than anywhere else.  And there's no one else on earth I'd rather be with than Darrell. 

A--available/married:  very happily married for 33 years
B--best friend:  Darrell
C--cake or pie:  YES
D--drink of choice:  Diet Mt Dew
E--essential item used daily:  computer ;-)
F--favorite color: red
G--gummy bears or worms:  no gummy anything!
H--hometown:  Clarksville
I--indulgence:  evening soak in the hot tub
J--January or February:  February
K--kids and their names:  Shana, Holly, Clayton, Lauren
L--life is incomplete without:  Darrell, our children and their children
M--marriage date:  April 10, 1976
N--number of siblings:  5 half brothers and 4 half sisters
O--oranges or apples:  apples in just about any way, shape, form
P--phobias/fears:  losing a loved one
Q--quote for today:  It's never too late to become what you might have been.
R--reason to smile:  phone call from Darrell
S--season:  spring
T--tag 3 people:  Shawn, Brenda, Gail
U--unknown fact about me:  sometimes when I'm brushing my teeth, I find myself standing on one foot
V--vegetable you don't like:  cabbage, beets
W--worst habit:  being too critical of myself and others
X--xrays you've had:  teeth, chest, spine
Y--your favorite food:  Hawaiian pizza
Z--zodiac sign:  Taurus

Now I'm supposed to tag three bloggers I'd like to know better.  I tag:
Shawn at Just Livin' Lovin' and Laughin'
Brenda at Cozy Little House
Gail at Gail's Decorative Touch


Shady Creek Lane said...

You are such a crack up. I wished we lived closer, I think we could do some damage together. (Sarcasm and all).

Thanks for sharing


Brenda said...

I'm a homebody myself. But don't procrastinate. I don't really pout. I get it out of my system and am too brutally honest. Blogging helps me stay on course!

Christie said...

I enjoyed reading this. :-) You are Darrell are so cute. Have you always been this way, or has it gotten better over the years?

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Procrastination is also known as "Waiting for Inspiration" to hit...well, that is what I call it!

And I totally got your example of taxes on my blog-

Girl, I got it!!! :)

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