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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Commitment Time for Me AND You

I am committing myself to getting my bedroom painted before Thanksgiving!  There, I said it.  Now it's official and I have to do it.  I'm going to bare all to you in a few pics--oh, stop, get your minds out of the gutter--you know what I mean.  In other words, here are the befores:

The view from the door.  There is not an unbroken wall in this room, adding to the problem of how to arrange the furniture.  In some of the photos you can see the lovely cabbage rose border left from the previous owners.  Yeah, that'll be the first thing to go!

Another view from the door.  This door leads to a private deck where our hot tub is.  It's a nine-light door and the sun comes up that direction, so we need the window part covered.

View from beside the deck door.

Same spot, slightly different direction.

Other side of the room.

In front of the long dresser.  Please ignore the ugly shower curtain liner in the bathroom.  I have a lovely shower curtain--really I do--we're just too lazy to close it.  Oh, and the beautiful beach towel hanging on the door is mine from my last dip in the hot tub.  AND you'll be happy to know the toilet paper has been replenished on the roll.  Just keeping it real here.

From in front of the closet doors.


Taking pics of your rooms makes some things glaringly obvious.  I have way too much stuff on the walls.  This room is larger than it appears and not nearly as crowded as these photos make it seem.

Here is the bedding I've already purchased.  These are two of the throw pillows.

Here's the rest.  I'm not good at matching patterns, etc, so I always buy the sets.  This one appealed to me because it's reversible.

Now for your part in all this!  I reeealllyy want to rearrange the furniture.  Any suggestions?  I'm also not so crazy about the wicker chair anymore and would like to replace it.  Something else I'd like to add if I can figure out how, is a fireplace--either one of those electric ones or ventless gas.

I pinky promise not to wear my heart on my sleeve, so don't hold back on the comments.  I've been dissatisfied with this room for a while, so just about anything you suggest will be considered.  

Thanks bunches!!


Charity Grace said...

My goal is to re-do my bedroom soon also. I love the new comforter you chose.

5L's said...

i'm not good for suggestions looks great to me! and all those terrible things you pointed out...never would have noticed and many i still didn't. :) i'm a fan of color on the walls though so i interested to see what it'll be!

Connie said...

OK, here goes:
1. Have you thought about getting an armoire for the tv? It will also give you more storage.
2. Maybe angle the bed in the corner to the left in the first picture. (where the dresser with the mirror above it is)
3. This is a hard one for me but the "less is more" theory might be one to think about. (I feel like a hypocrite suggesting this because I don't necessarily follow this rule well.)

I love the bedding you picked out. I can't wait to see the finished room.

Whatever you come up with I'm sure will be beautiful.

Hugs to ya,

Lauren said...

I'm horrible at arranging furniture (that's why you always want to rearrange when you visit, lol). I LOVE the bedding you picked out!

Lori E said...

I can make the same commitment to repaint my bedroom before Thanksgiving. Heck I can do the whole house before then because I am in Canada and our next Thanksgiving is early next October, 2010, having just
celebrated it last weekend.

Your bedding set is great. I always do that too but then I buy coordinating sheets and stuff when I see them and mix them up.Mine is almost the same as yours and I painted my room a dark sage green. I like color.

The main suggestion I have is all you photos should be in the same frames in a large grouping and not spread out all over the place. There are probably too many of them on display, a problem I have too. My collection of pewter frames got out of control.

You have a great antique looking bed frame but it doesn't go with the modern art frames above it. Though the buildings look old the framing is modern in style. A single large art piece that is rich in color and older looking will be a better match.

I agree with Connie about an armoire for the t.v. but make sure if you get one that the doors push inside the cupboard or you will have these big flappy doors hanging open when you watch tv. and that is a pain. It would be nice if all the electrical components were in one spot where they would not be out in the open until needed.

Do you even need a chair there where the wicker one is? You have one at the desk. Is it for cozy reading because I see the lamp.

Well that is my non-professional decorating advice. Easy to give but ask me what my room looks like and I would just shut the door. Sad really.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

It's sooo hard when there are so many entry areas to a room! I always like a bed to face me when I enter the room. But then I've only got one sort of unbroken wall in mine also!

Eric and Rozanne said...

I like all the ideas. I think maybe a little less furniture and I agree with grouping the pictures and the more antique style frame for the pics to match the bed frame. Love the bedding also and it's a nice complement to the carpet as well.

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