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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Disclaimer:  Lots of stuff running through my mind this morning, so this post may be a little disjointed.

Wordless Wednesday photos are HARD!  I'm full of words and it's difficult for me not to comment.  The picture yesterday is of Fontana Lake in NC.  We visited there last fall and were astonished to see how low the water was.  I'm hoping it's higher after all the rain this year.  Look at the picture again.  While it is beautiful, it's also quite disturbing.  The water should be up to the tree line.

Most of you know we lost our oldest daughter in April 2006.  Shana is buried in a local cemetery; it's one of the oldest areas in our little town and is quite lovely.  The people who work there have always been very respectful and caring.  Unfortunately, the cemetery is now under new management and as the head of the board of directors said "there's a new sheriff in town".  This man has decided to enforce regulations that have been overlooked since the cemetery began.  We found this out the hard way when a friend went by last Friday and discovered items missing from Shana's grave.  Apparently, the "powers that be" arbitrarily decided to remove any objects left in or on the ground.  Without any word to us, beloved and specially chosen mementos were taken and thrown away.  My friend dug through a pile of trash and was able to find two of five items--one broken beyond repair.  We have written letters to the editor of our local paper, but they refuse to print them stating it's a dispute between a business and individual.  In an effort to keep others from experiencing what we went through, we have put the word out on Facebook.  If you'd like to search our cause and hopefully join us, look for Keep Greenwood Cemetery Family Friendly.  Thanks.

On a happier note, I'm joining Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage to complete ten projects in ten days.  I don't think I'm going to get that much done, especially since it's raining and I can't do the painting I'd planned for today.  And we're going to visit grandchildren this weekend!  But here are a complete of little things I've finished, as well as something I've been thinking of doing for a while.  Posting a picture here will commit me!

First, I started small.  Got this urn at a yard sale for a quarter.  Add a styrofoam ball covered in moss and voila!  Instant impact!

Doing the above inspired me to rework the area above my china cabinet.  Not very good pics, but the best I could do.  I was anxious to get them on here!  The white platter was free (thanks, Lauren) and the plate in front of it was fifty cents at a yard sale.  The two pitchers were gifts.  The little crock was a yard sale find, as were the pears.  The cookie jar is a McCoy and belonged to my husband's great aunt.  The candlestick you can barely see was a yard sale buy at .50 and is from Southern Living!

Do you remember this ugly breadbox I teased my daughter with?  I gave her the one I already had (unpainted) and kept this one for myself.  A little paint and a new knob from Hobby Lobby go a long way.  I figure I've got $5 in this.

Here's the footstool I got last Saturday at a yard sale.  The sweet lady wanted to give it to me--amazing what a little conversation can do--but Darrell gave her $2. 

Isn't this much better?  Spray paint I already had plus about 1/4 yard of burlap ($.75).  I really want to put a monogram on it, but haven't found what I want just yet.

And here's the project I had planned for today.  The sun is coming out, so maybe I'll get to finish it after all.  Keep your fingers crossed.  This is a little chest I purchased probably 10 years ago.  It's been all over the house and is currently hiding in my office and storing extra supplies.  My plan is to (close your eyes, Cam!) paint it out white and attach a wooden applique.

Wish me luck! 
Are you game for ten projects in ten days??


Lauren said...

I really like the bread box! It turned out great. Good luck with all of your projects!

Anonymous said...

your projects are so neat! how do you find places to put all the new finds?? that's my issue. SPACE.

Christie said...

You're so amazing. How fun to transform things!

Connie said...

Ten project is ten days? I look forward to see your completed projects. That American chest will be beautiful, I'm sure. I can't wait.

5L's said...

the stool turned out amazing! great job on everything!

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry for what you're going through. It must be grief right upon grief, and that is unthinkable for a parent. The new sheriff in town needs to realize that this is a difficult thing for people to comprehend. As for the little footstool, I was searching for one just like it at the antique mall yesterday. You've given yours new life! Didn't find it. Also was looking for an old chest. Didn't find it either. But I didn't strike out. I was also looking for a cupboard, and I found it!

Sharon said...

Everything you did looks great. I love looking at your projects. Wish I had some of that talent.

gobyucougars said...

Let me guess -- is the "new sheriff" a company called Dignity? They took over the cemetery my brother is in and did the same thing to us! We also dug through the trash and found a few of our important treasures, but others were ruined and/or gone. Shame on them! Wouldn't it be nice if they would think for a moment about what they would want done if it were their own family member... Extra hugs and prayers for you, Beverly!
--Karen B

chocdrop said...

You creativeness and eye for gems (as I call them) is inspiring.

Sue said...

Beverly, I hope your problem can somehow be resolved with this new management company. I'm sure it has been very upsetting for you.

There is no way I could take this 10 day project challenge and succeed. I'm so busy right now and so disorganized. Good luck to you to get yours done.
hugs, Sue

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