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Monday, October 26, 2009

Looky What I Got!

It was definitely cold this weekend, but there were still brave souls holding yard sales.  And if they're willing to brave the cold, I am, too!  Here are just a few of the things I brought home.

This pretty lamp for $2.  Right now it's sitting on a table in the living room.  I threw out 2 struggling live (I use the term loosely) plants and replaced them with this.  Oh, the books were a quarter each.  I was going to rip the covers off like I saw on someone's blog--but can't find where I saw it!  Aaarrgghh!  I hate when that happens!  The urn was $2.99 at GW and needs a pumpkin to complete it!

 Here's the table underneath all the loot.  It was $20 and is solid wood.  I love round tables!

 The big print was $1.  The little ones are oil and were free.  We got there as the people were packing up and they gave us a bunch of stuff.  Didn't get pics of it all.  I'm thinking these will make great chalkboards.

Tall candleholder for $1.  I had thought I'd paint it black, but apparently that's become my color of choice and Darrell says we have enough already!

Majority of the 70+ movies we bought for $15.  I know tapes are on the way out, but as long as the VCR holds out, we'll use it.

 And I found these at the Dollar Tree this morning!  I've yet to jump on the vinyl lettering bandwagon, but I've seen some awesome ideas that I'd like to try.  Can't really justify $30 or so at Hobby Lobby or even Walmart, but these I can waste attempt!



Lee said...

When the time comes, you can always transfer those video's onto DVD's.

Lauren said...

I like those smaller frames you got (and FREE!).

Sharon said...

You find the best stuff. I can't wait to see what you do with what you got.

5L's said...

i've seen that lettering at the dollar tree and wondered how it was. for a buck you can't beat it, picking your own color or not!

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