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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Been a Year Already?

It's been a year today that my little blog began--thanks to my dear daughter Lauren. And I've been so busy with grandchildren, building a deck, repurposing a desk, etc, etc, that I almost let it get past me. I had had grand visions of a dream giveaway--that didn't happen. I had had thoughts of a very deep inspiring post--that didn't happen, either. Oh, well, you'll just have to settle for this:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Now I Remember!

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting Today's Thrifty Treasures today! I'm so glad she does this on Mondays--gives me a reason to look forward to them! Make sure you take some time to check her out as well as all the amazing links!

Did you hear that sigh of relief? I wasn't expecting these pictures to be here. Right after these pictures loaded, my grandson accidentally knocked the computer over and it wouldn't reboot. Looks like we'll be headed to the repair shop today. Luckily, we have another computer I can continue to blog on. Unluckily, our pictures are loaded on the broken one.

As I mentioned before, we have a couple of grandchildren for a week or so. I didn't think we'd be able to yard sale since they were here. After seeing that a nearby housing development was having a neighborhood sale, I knew we had to make the attempt. So up at 7 and off we went with two sleepyheads.

Melody quickly got into the swing of things! We may have created a monster. It wasn't long before I remembered why I didn't go to many yard sales when the kids were young. They touch EVERYTHING! I didn't get much looking done for making sure no kids were picking up something they shouldn't.

That being said, I did manage these two babies. I will admit to coming home a little frustrated, but that's okay. Next Saturday, a friend and I are heading to Greenville, KY for their weekly flea market!

I love these little brass containers. Got the tall one for $.25. The little one beside it I got years ago at a flea market and was told it's supposed to hold a cricket for good luck. Don't know about that, but I liked the story.

Got this candleholder for $2. I almost left it there and at the last minute, just couldn't.

And here's one of Melody's finds. Only $.50 for this great little lamp for her room. It works great and looks really pretty when it's on. She also bought some sea shells, books, new gel pens, card games, and a tiny notebook. Elias found some Hot Wheels and action figures. Darrell got a small window air conditioner for his garage office. It had only been used once and was $25! All in all, everyone went home happy.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Observation From Elias

Tonight Elias noticed a new mosquito bite on his leg. He asked me why mosquitoes like to bite us. I told him I guess they like the way we taste. After thinking a minute, he said "maybe they think we taste like chicken!"

HEY!! Sweet Tea!!

I read your pitiful post and tried to post a comment--couldn't be done! Don't know what the problem is, but I couldn't comment anywhere.

UPDATE: Looks like it's fixed--maybe I wasn't holding my mouth right...

What Do You Want On Your Pizza?

We've got two of the grandchildren for about a week and a half and have been doing things that as grownups we don't ordinarily do. Tuesday night we went to Old Chicago for pizza. On Tuesdays from 4-9pm, kids can make their own pizzas. Melody and Elias had great fun spreading the sauce and arranging the toppings. From the looks of the last picture, it was a success! Apparently, that old adage is true--it tastes better when you make it yourself. Of course, that's not my philosophy!

It's TOO Hot!

The box says ages 5-12. I was wishing I was a kid again! Sitting and watching wasn't much fun.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kids Are Too Funny

My daughter has just moved and has been packing for a couple of weeks. She had boxes stacked in every room--most had the contents written on the side.

Yesterday Elias (age 5) informed me they had boxes in their house that belonged to someone else. I asked him who and his reply was: Mrs. Laneyus!

I cracked up! Guess to his ears, that's what it sounded like!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Boy

Warning: This is a sappy post. Don't read if you're diabetic or prone to hyperactivity due to overconsumption of sugar!

June 24, 1981--the day my one and only son was born. Just shy of 9 pounds, barely any hair, eyes so dark you can't see the pupil. He was called everything from Buddy to Tank. With three sisters, he still managed to be all boy. Usually recruiting his younger sister into his antics.

I remember putting him on solid food at six months because we couldn't afford to keep him in baby food. He ate so much, we had to start feeding him what we were eating. I remember him crawling with one knee and one foot on the floor. We lived in an old house and the floors were cold, so he was walking by nine months.

I remember an orange jersey he loved. He'd race around the yard yelling "the big orange shirt, the big orange shirt! Nothing can beat the big orange shirt!" He would only wear shorts and pants with pockets. Kept them filled with all kinds of goodies (I use the term loosely).

I remember the Mr T big wheel. Our neighbor had a pretty steep driveway and Clayton thought nothing of climbing to the top and careening down on his big wheel. At the bottom, he'd turn the wheel hard and spin around. More than once he crashed. He'd stand up, shake it off, and do it again.

I remember "The Evil Zing", a play he and his sister wrote and performed--and actually recorded on a tape recorder, complete with sound effects. I remember Clayton running with me as I tried to regain my pre-kids weight. It was like running with a Great Dane! While I struggled to breathe, he would literally run circles around me, telling me jokes, etc.

I remember karate, Little League, cub scouts, cross country, wrestling. Practical jokes in sign language that backfired. Dances. Toilet papering houses--and plastic wrapping cars. I remember broken fingers, stitches, and a deep tissue bruise that wound up being a broken leg.

I remember fat little arms around my neck. Now those arms are long and strong and oh so far away. My little boy has turned into a wonderful, gentle, sweet, caring man. He learned certain lessons well from his father and is a gentleman to the core. He learned sarcasm and cynicism from me, unfortunately. You did well, grasshopper. He has an uncanny sense of just how long I can take his music and will turn the station to something I like. He is the neatest of my children and actually keeps a very clean apartment. He is and always has been a joy and an inspiration to me.

Happy Birthday, Clayton!
I love you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three or More Tuesday

Good Tuesday morning!

Tam at The Gypsy's Corner is hosting Three or More Tuesday. This is the second time I've participated. It's so fun to see what others collect--cuz you know that three of anything constitutes a collection--so be sure to check out the other links when you're done here.

I consider myself a sparkly kind of girl--I like the bling and shiny things in life. My MIL fed that tendency when she introduced me to Depression glass years ago. She is very knowledgeable in all forms of glassware and used to take me with her to flea markets. Quite interesting to watch her pick up a plate and search it for cracks or imperfections, run her hand around the edge, etc. I try to emulate her technique, but still don't have it down yet.

Settling on just what to collect was difficult to put it mildly. MIL has scads of glassware--some was her mother's, some was her aunt's, and a lot she's just picked up along the way. She has well over 100 creamers and I fell in love with those little pitchers! So I started getting those here and there. Then I started with salts. Love those little things! I like to show them to younger people to see what they think they were used for. Then came butter pats. My cabinet is full for the time being. But I still can't help going for the sparkly at yard sales and flea markets (when I'm not distracted by old furniture!)

Here's my beloved salt cellar collection. The large ones are called Master Salts. The small ones would have been placed at each setting. Love anything with feet! For Christmas a few years ago, my husband gave me several silver spoons to use in these. Ain't he a doll?

My creamer collection shelf. Some are primitive, others Depression glass, others china. I'm not picky about their worth--I just buy the ones that speak to me.

Lastly, my butter pats. That's what I was told they are, though I believe they might also have been used for tea bags. Got most of these from eBay.

Two of my daughters also collect glass. One loves berry bowls, the other sherbet dishes. Makes it easier when we go shopping together--we don't fight over stuff.

Thanks for letting me share part of my glassware collection. Now head over to Tam's for more links from some great ladies!

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Ramblings

It's that time again--Thrifty Treasures Monday. When you finish up here, be sure to visit Rhoda at Southern Hospitality to see links to other fabulous finds!!

"Good mornin', this mornin'. Pretty mornin', this mornin'."

Who said that? If you know, you must be of a certain generation--same as me. After a whirlwind weekend, I'm feeling pretty good today. It is already some hot here--already 80 and it's not even 8am! We drove close to 1000 miles from Friday morning to Sunday night. Whew! I am NOT a car person. I can't read, crochet, knit, or any of that stuff. All I can do is eat and sing. So I gained 5 lbs and annoyed everyone in the car. Just because I do sing doesn't mean I can sing.

We got Holly and Alexander delivered to Georgia. The little house they'll be living in is older, but well kept. Huge fenced in backyard which is great for the kids. I took my camera, but didn't take pictures. Duh! Don't know what I was thinking. Yes, I do. I was already missing Alexander and trying not to get in too deep a funk thinking about him being so far away. He's never lived more than ten miles away, so he and I both will have an adjustment period.

Remember last week's post where I said the yard sale pickings were slim? I do have a couple of pics of things I got.

Here are a couple of wine bottles I got for $1 each. I've tried them in a couple of different places, but they don't photograph well. (It can't possibly be my lack of skills.)

Got this great plate for $.50 The colors work perfectly in the kitchen where it now hangs on the wall. It didn't want its picture made either!

Little planter for $1. It was faux painted in a greeny gold. Quick shot of black spray paint and it looks brand new. The little pots and silk flowers came in it. I thought I'd replace the flowers, but they are apparently set in cement. Can't get them out, so I guess I'll learn to love them.

These cast iron planters were $5 for both. Got them at a yard sale advertised as "smoking hot". Uhhh, not so much. Lukewarm at best.

Didn't think I'd get to yard sale since we were traveling. BUT I checked craigslist on the hotel computer and lo and behold there was a huge sale nearby! I homed in on this little table right away. Been looking for something like this to go between two wicker chairs in the living room. It was only $5.

A little distressed, wouldn't you say? Should I sand it down and refinish it? Paint? Can't decide.

When I was putting it into the truck, I turned it upside down and saw this--which made the find all the sweeter. Can you read it? Ethan Allen! For $5!

Wish I had seen the stack of green Depression glass before someone else grabbed them up! Several saucers, cups, and sherbet dishes and they went for $10! When the lady asked the price, the husband said $15 for all, then before she could react, he said "oh, what the heck, $10". I wanted to snatch them out of her hands! Used to be I'd go straight for the glassware. Now it's furniture. I think you people have corrupted me!

On the way home, we discovered a JC Penney outlet and of course had to stop. Got two pair of Levi capris for $5 each and several t-shirts for $2 each. They had Avia tennis shoes--which I love--on sale for $15, but none in my size. While Darrell was looking at the men's shoes, we came across these Reeboks. For some reason, he wasn't interested in them....

Oh, and the quote above? It's part of a joke told by Cousin Minnie Pearl. Howdeee!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Wow! You miss a few days posting and everyone deserts! Only one comment on my last post--I'll try not to take it personally, but y'all know I'm thin skinned. I need to know you're out there!

I am thankful today for sweet grandchildren. I have five (for th
e time being)--three of them have lived nearby almost all their lives. Tomorrow those three move six hours away. I know it's a good thing, but I don't know how I'm going to make it. For the first time in about ten years, I won't have any children or grandchildren living close to me. The next few days will be bittersweet for me.

Again today I am thankful that Lauren and baby are doing better. Lauren has had a rough time lately with her pregnancy and still has about ten weeks to go. She's lost five pounds over the last week and was dehydrated. Today she went to the doctor and they did a laundry list of tests. Maybe--just maybe--they'll fi
gure out what's going on with her and can take care of the problem.

I am grateful the storms yesterday didn't do much damage. The tv news was detailing the storm's progress and actually showed the road we live on. We had lots of rain, wind, and lightning--but no damage. We were lucky. A friend took these pictures while driving.

I'll be out of pocket this weekend moving my daughter and the kiddies, but I'll be back on Sunday or Monday. Pick up some good yard sale stuff for me--since I won't be able to do it for myself!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ramblings of a Feeble Mind

In answer to your questions:

Yes, I am alive.
No, my arm's not broken.
Yes, my computer's working.
No, I'm not quitting the blog.
Yes, I am lazy--thank you very much.
No, I haven't had much to post about this week.

So, let's see....what's been going on in my little world since I last entertained you with my awesomeness....

Went yard saleing last Saturday, but the pickings were slim. Got a few things of which I may or may not have taken pictures. It's been so long, I can't remember. I'll check my camera and post pics--if I have them, that is.

Did not get a shower Saturday till about 8pm. Sorry if that's TMI. After we got home from the skimpy sales, I got started sanding the desk a friend gave me. That I do have pictures of. Darrell decided to help me with the sanding. I kept doing my "hmmm, not sure I've got the technique down yet" routine, so he pretty much did the whole top of the desk. Yeah, there was a little manipulation going on. Hey, it works! Don't judge me.

The top of the desk after a bit of sanding

I love to watch a man working--especially when it's MY man

All the drawers were difficult to remove--this one was impossible

"One more time, honey, just to be sure I know how to work the sander."

Once it was my turn, I decided to just rough up the surface and paint. The sides are veneer and I was afraid they wouldn't take the stain like the rest of the wood. Enter three cans of black spray paint. Either it was my technique (or lack thereof) or the paint--whichever, it was splotchy. I took Thrifty Decor Chick's advice and bought a quart of Behr Black Suede. Got a coat on today and it already looks better. Since the top was sanded down to bare wood, I'm going to stain the top and paint the rest. Pics soon.

Finally got my yard sale chair painted. Bought some loverly fabric and was able to recover the seat and back. It was harder than I anticipated and it's not perfect--but it is beautiful. And I can't wait to get the whole thing back together.

Dodged a tornado tonight. Seriously. Our road was on the local news. No damage near us that we can see. Tomorrow may be a different story.

That's all that comes to mind at the moment. I'll be back tomorrow--it's Thankful Thursday!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This One's For You, Scrappy

Here's the gorgeous hanging things wall decor I recently won from Scrappy Doo. Thanks ever so much! They are just right for my bathroom. You'll notice a small corner of the new shower curtain I got yesterday at TJ Maxx. Only $15! I love it--however it presents a new dilemma. Why is it whenever you change one little thing in a room, it begins a domino effect that leads to one more change, then another and another? I've loved that color on the walls for about 6 years. Now with the new curtain, I don't think it works anymore.
(Darrell, quit groaning and rolling your eyes!!)

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