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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Footloose in the Wednesday Hodgepodge-Volume 51

1. Who taught you how to cook?  My husband and various cookbooks.  My mother was a meticulous cook and didn't want me in the way.  I'd been married a year before I could scramble an egg that was fit to eat.  Darrell is a wonderful cook and can throw things into a pot and have it come out delicious.  However, he messes up every dish we own!  I finally learned to feed us so I didn't have to clean the entire kitchen every day!

2. Have you been told you think too much? Are too much of a perfectionist? Are too sensitive? Were they right?   Yes, yes, yes, yes.  There, I said it.  Satisfied now?

3. As a child did you have a favorite blanket or toy? Tell about it.  I received a sweet little doll when I was three.  I kept her till after I was married.  Her name changed from time to time, but for the longest time she was known as "Diamond Emerald".  I thought that was the most beautiful name ever. 

4. What 'institution' do you have the most faith in?   Marriage.

5. Chrysanthemums-pansies-burning bush-ornamental cabbage...your favorite in an autumn garden?   Mums.  But I have much better luck in my own yard with pansies.  (I still don't see that cat face in them though.)

6. What superpower do the kids in your neighborhood seem to posses?   Invisibility.  Besides getting on and off the school bus, I rarely see any kids other than my grandchildren.  I know the people across the street have kids--their yard sports a swing set, sandbox, etc--but I almost never see the kids out there.  I pity children these days being able to play outside, riding bikes, exploring.

7. Are you a fan of the cranberry?  Not at all.  Especially that gel stuff in the can.

8. Insert your own random thought here.   I am doing the 30 days of thanks for the month.   Of course, I am thankful for my husband, children, and grandchildren.  So I'm trying to think outside the box and be grateful for other blessings.  Today I am thankful to live in a part of the country that sees all four seasons.  Outside my window I can see glorious blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and gorgeous multicolored trees.  It takes my breath away.


6L's said...

#2 LOL!
i love our 4 seasons here, too!!!! it's been SO beautiful here this fall!
i got a mum this year.....2 actually....i don't do well with plants. :( your yard always looks AMAZING!

Joyce said...

I'm happy to live where we have four seasons too. Ours have been a little confused lately : )

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

What is it with guys & cooking? When Mark cooks he somehow seems to make such a mess it takes forever to clean up after him! So I know exactly how you must feel. Although it is great to have the night off every now & then.

Mimi said...

your random thought is beautiful. It's a gift to be able to see the beauty surrounding you. Happy day!

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Be thankful that your hubby cooks. ;-) Mine will cook steaks on the George Foreman or meat out on the grill. Of course, that means that I have to come up with the sides. Not that I'm complaining ... he does the shopping which I absolutely detest, so if I have to do some cooking, I'm good with the separation of duties. ;-) Now if I could just get him to help me decide WHAT to cook! ha!

Connie said...

I apologize for not stopping by more often, but I have an excuse. I have been hijacked by Pinterest. I can't seem to break away to do much else. I know, I am pathetic.

One thing I am thankful for is having found you through blogging. You speak my language on so many levels.

Amiee said...

I am thankful that I also live where there are 4 seasons, but I am a young "snowbird" who flies south for the winter, and I am also thankful for that :)

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