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Friday, November 11, 2011

I May Have Been a Bit Hasty

After my rant last post, I tried a little experiment today.  Seems I may have been a bit hasty in my laying of blame regarding my hair and its not so silkiness lately.    Another product may be the culprit.  See, with all the crap stuff I put on my hair--to either protect it or to bend it to my will--it's hard to know.  Just to give you an idea, here's the drill....

Shampoo and condition with the Nexxus.  Wrap hair in towel for a few minutes.  Remove towel and blot--do not rub!  Apply detangler of some type.  Air dry hair for a bit.  Apply Chi Straight Guard.

 This here is some good stuff!  Well worth the price!

Blow dry hair using at least two--sometimes four--brushes and one clip.  Let flat iron heat up while applying makeup.  Section hair beginning with the stubborn wavy back.  Apply FX Flat Iron Thermal Spray to each section, then straighten it.   Repeat about 20 times.


Finish with a small bit of Hana Shield Shield.  Whew!  And I used to do this every day!  I've gotten lazy smarter and now only do it a few times a week.

 This is some good stuff, too!

So,  if we eliminate the shampoo and conditioner, the detangler, the Chi, and the Shine Shield--these I've been using a good while and/or came to me highly recommended--that leaves the FX.  Instead of applying it to each section and ironing a somewhat wet piece of hair,  I gave my whole head a light spray, concentrating on the stubborn spots, then used the flat iron.  And you know what?  My hair is softer and silkier today.

I can be the bigger person.  I can admit when I'm wr...wro...wro...mistaken.  Today I'm thankful that doesn't happen very often.  Hey, it's my blog!  I can exaggerate if I want to!


Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Wow, that's quite a routine. But I see from your pictures, that it's well worth the time and trouble. Glad you found a solution to your hair dilemma.

Tamara said...

Bev-erly- you crack me up!!! I can just hear your southern voice in your posts, and it makes me crack up laughing at loud sometimes!!! Today and yesterday are just a few of those times. Your hair is always looking just-so-perfect. How long do you spend on this routine, anyway? I definitely think it could be a combination of things, as to why your hair is not acting so normal. Here's a few thoughts I had:

1- weather changes. When it gets more humid, more cold, rainy, changes my hair dramatically.

2- how much conditioner I put on it. Sometimes I don't use enough, or I use too much

3- how OFTEN I use "deep conditioner". Ever tried that? I get some at Sally's Beauty, and I do it once a week...keeps hair soft and shiny :)

4- how hot the iron & blowdryer are. Sometimes I use too MUCH heat, or not enough.

Just other things to consider, Queen Bee!!!

6L's said...

beverly, put a pump of the chi and a drop of the hana together while wet to save a step. add a bit more hana at the end, on the ends, if you feel you need it, but i've never had to. glad you like it, i LOVE it!

6L's said...

p.s. laura beth introduced me to some super amazing stuff the other day you may like to try.
also, i agree with whomever said to do a weekly conditioning mask...huge difference to add that extra kick of moisture!

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Was that a daily routine? It sure sounds complicated but from the photos it looks totally worth it :)

momof3girls said...

Love it! I need to try some of your hair products!!! I need some shine!

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