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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Donelson Trading Post

You may or may not remember, but a couple of months ago, I posted about a place I found outside Nashville.  A little bit of a drive for me, but worth it!  Darrell was making a few deliveries to the area, so I conned asked him to help me find this place called Donelson Trading Post.  He sweetly agreed.

The directions on the craigslist ad said to follow highway such and such, turn on this road, and look for the arrow just past the railroad tracks.  Okay....  We missed the arrow the first time and had to turn around, but found the gravel--yes, gravel--road we were further instructed to turn down.  These were the directions in the ad, not from our not-so-trustworthy GPS.  We continued down the gravel/dirt road which ran right along side the railroad tracks.  Eventually the road pretty much ran out and lo and behold, we were there!

Our young friend Josh was with us and he was convinced this just couldn't be what we were looking for.  To his utter dismay, I gleefully hopped out of the truck and went to meet creepy weird guy who ran the place.  That's him in the yellow sweater in the picture above.

He immediately began pulling the tarp off this big pile of stuff in the front yard.  The sofa table thing on the left is what I came for--and bought--unfortunately it was too big for where I wanted to put it in the house, so it's now in my booth.  I was interested in the suitcases, but they were very mildewy, so I passed.

We next headed inside where I spotted this gorgeous black walnut headboard.  The TLC it needs are beyond me, so I left it there.  That exercise machine?  It works!  Creepy guy demonstrated it for us!

See the rusty old scale on top of these cabinets?  That now sits with two others I have on top of my kitchen cabinets.  I also bought the stack of wooden bowls.  I'm actually seeing even more now and am ready to go back!

I wound up buying several tables and a couple of smaller things.  It wasn't until I got home and looked at these pictures that I discovered stuff I hadn't even noticed!  My friend Liz and I went back the next day and brought home even more.  Part of which is a big box of old sheet music--most of it belonged to the same lady and she wrote on the fronts when and where she had heard it performed.  Some date back to 1919!  She must have been quite wealthy as the pieces have Paris, London, etc on them.  I'm thinking of putting them individually on eBay this winter when it's too cold for yard sales.  Some are in poor shape and I'm planning on doing some decoupage on the top of a table with it.

So, how about you?  Visited any interesting places lately?


Erika said...

Maybe it's a little presumptuous of me to ask... but, what kind of sheet music is there?!?! I would definitely love to go through it! (Although I won't get there till April)...

Connie said...

Don't you just love it when you find really great jun...I mean stuff that is really cool? Great finds, it guess it is good to go off the beaten path sometimes.

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