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Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy Bee

While I readily admit I've been a lazy slacker blogger lately, I do have a few good reasons.  Not the least of which involve these guys---

I've been busy with yard sales, flea markets, and projects--lots and lots of projects.  Mind if I share a few?

Remember this:

It now looks like this:

Found this cool little "trading post" outside Nashville--I'll blog about that later--it's a post in itself.  I got this handmade table for $10.  Used Restore-A-Finish on it and it got snapped up quickly at my booth.

Another $10 table that benefited from R-A-F.  Also sold!

This table was also $10.  Notice a trend here?  It's the largest in a set of three nesting tables.  Mid-century resin and stamped Florence Italy on the bottom.  The legs need some attention, but will be going to my booth next week.

Vanity/desk/sofa table?  You decide.  Guess how much?  Yep, $10.  I had thought I'd strip the top and stain it, then paint the bottom.  After much sanding, what did I find?  Not real wood, that's for sure.  Still plan on painting the bottom black and using some old sheet music to decoupage the top.  Speaking of the sheet music--I got a huge boxful for $40.  Some of the same pieces are selling on eBay for $5-$15!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Some things I was too anxious to get started on and forgot to take before pictures.  Am I forgiven for being so lax in posting lately?


EmptyNester said...

Of course you are forgiven! If I had precious grands and was as creative as you- I'd be doing the same thing!

Tami said...

That headboard kicks a**! And if my grandkids were anywhere nearby, the blog would be out the window.

Sweet Tea said...

I hqve a thang for small tables -great finds!!
And you got adorable "helpers"!!

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