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Friday, April 10, 2009

And They Said It Wouldn't Last

Thirty-three years ago today, I married my best friend. We have been through some really good times together, as well as some really bad. I was never one of those girls who had an idea in their head of the perfect man, and I didn't have a list of the qualities I was looking for in a husband. But Heavenly Father surely knew the kind of husband I needed. He sent the perfect one for me. Some people don't believe in soulmates, but I do. And Darrell is mine. I love him more and more every day. I hope that I have made him half as happy as he's made me.

Isn't this a cute little couple? So young and naive. But ready to set the world on fire. You need to remember this was the mid-70s and these clothes were actually in style. This is our engagement picture that ran in the local newspaper. Luckily, all pictures were printed in black and white--which we knew when we picked out these clothes. Darrell had just turned 21 and I was all of 17. (Darrell wants me to add that I was almost 18.)

This is the picture that ran in the paper announcing our wedding. I know Darrell doesn't look too happy, but he claims he was. One of his friends had just told him what they'd done to his van. My 'something borrowed' was the headpiece for my veil. It belonged to Darrell's sister. Darrell's mom made the veil and my dress. The flowers are sweetheart roses, daisies (which were my favorite flower at the time), and baby's breath, with sprigs of lily of the valley in the ribbons.

Again, Darrell says this was a happy occasion. So why does he look like he's on his way to the gallows? Darrell and his groomsmen all wore light blue leisure suits. Darrell's mom made my attendants' dresses and we choose hats for them to wear. Believe it or not, my bridesmaids still speak to me, even after having to wear these hats!

And here's the lovely van. Darrell had been instrumental in decorating the cars of several friends over the years (complete with sardines on the manifold) and he was worried about retaliation. Well, it wasn't for lack of trying, but his buddies couldn't get inside the van. They did the next best thing by writing stuff all over the van and hanging streamers everywhere. Darrell had lined the windows with aluminum foil for some odd reason. One of the first things we did after leaving the church was stop at a car wash and clean everything off. That did NOT make me happy! I wanted to drive through town showing off!


5L's said...

i love these old photos! happy anniversary! you two make a great pair! :)

lagirl said...

Congrat's Beverly!
Happy Anniversary to both you and Darrell. Loved the photos! It was fun to peek into your past...Also, have a wonderful Easter!

Eric and Rozanne said...

Very fun pictures! I love seeing old pictures...what a cute couple.

Sharon said...

Wow do I remember those clothes. You both look the same just a little older like the rest of us. It is really nice to see a couple still so much in love after so many years together.

The Traylor's said...

You both look exactly the same!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the van!!!! That picture is classic.

Btw, it was great seeing you too. Loved your hair, loved it long too, but short is also a wonderful look for you. (good job laura). P.S. I enjoyed your lesson even if I looked like I didn't. I had a massive headache yesterday and my child wouldn't sit still.

Manda said...

Congratulations! In those picutres I can really see Lauren's resemblance to you and Clay's to Darrell.

Angie said...

Happy Anniversary

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