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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thanks

Gonna borrow an idea from a couple of bloggyland friends and use Thursdays to count my blessings. Thanks, Dawn and Layne!

Today I am thankful for good friends who love and support me. I'm grateful for those who know me in real life and those who live in my computer. I have reached out and you have responded in such a kind, loving way to buoy me up when I was almost too far down to pull myself out. I love you all! (And that's the two-word "you all", not the southern "ya'll".)

I am thankful for a dear sweet husband who is my inspiration, my best friend, my anchor.

I am thankful that we have two computers, since one of them crashed overnight, and so far is still out of commission despite our efforts at CPR (Computer Please Revive!!).

I am thankful to live in a country where I can voice my opinion and not fear retribution. No one is going to come knocking at my door in the middle of the night to take me away never to be seen or heard from again.

This is my short list. Now it's your turn. What are YOU thankful for today?


The Traylor's said...

Great idea. I'm 'borrowing' it! I definetly need to write more about what I'm thankful for and less complaining. It really feels like that's all I do lately.

momof3girls said...

What a wonderful idea! I am soo thankful too that I live in a country where we can voice our displeasure or disagreement and not worry about disappearing in the middle of the night! What a blessing we have to be live where we live!! I hope your computer gets better!

5L's said...

i am thankful for a washer and dryer! as much as i despise the task...i saw some people unloading a car full at the laundromat today and it hit me how much worse it could be!

elaine said...

I'm generally pretty positive but it helps to read what other people are thankful for. I have so many blessings, family, home and church. Also, I'm thankful for the USA. Even though SOME people are calling me a "right wing freak" for going to the Tea Party at the Fairgrounds Wednesday. It was fun and reminded me of how thankful I am for the America I grew up in and how much I want my grandchildren to grow up free also, unencumbered by trillions of dollars in debt.

Lauren said...

I bet today you are thankful for a good night's sleep and a little peace and quiet!

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