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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who Needs a GPS?

Day Two of our journey finds the happy couple up and out pretty early and heading for Mt. Rushmore. 

What's this?  Clouds?  Wind?  Forecasts of SNOW?  Uh,  don't think we signed up for this.  Let's fall back and punt.  It just happened we stopped in Wheatland to get something to eat and Ft. Laramie was right down the road.  Darrell had a Ft. Laramie playset as a youngster and was excited to see the real thing.  Sounds like a plan!


Genius idea for trash!

Or a water fountain!

Think the wind blows here?

Were you wondering about the title of this post?  Here's where it comes in--those of you just looking at the pictures will be lost (no pun intended).  Upon leaving Ft. Laramie, I told Darrell I thought we should turn right and go back out to the main road, but Trudy (our not so trusty GPS) said we should turn left.  So left we went.  Our paved road turned into a gravel road.  Then into a dirt road.  At one point, Trudy instructed us to take the next left.  When we got there--there was no road--just a path across a pasture.  Since we were in a rental car and not a 4WD, we stayed on the dirt road and eventually found where we would have come out had we taken the pasture path.
Looking ahead:

And behind:

First one side:

Then the other:

After many miles and about an hour, we were back on the paved road.  What's one of the first things we see?  A sign pointing left that said "Ft Laramie 2 miles".  Darrell wouldn't let me take a picture of it.  Guess he didn't want proof that I was right!

Are you still with me?  Just a few more pictures.  We spent the night in Casper and had a great surprise waiting for us!  Stopped at a normal looking Best Western and asked for a king sized bed.  Got the last one available and it was less than $100.  Think it was worth it?

The Bed:

The sitting area--complete with sofa bed and desk:

And chairs:

View from the balcony.  Yep, that's right, balcony!  Booyah!

Darrell actually called the front desk to be sure we were in the right room!  He jokingly asked how they knew it was our 35th anniversary.  Not long after, a knock at the door brought a bottle of champagne!  Since we don't drink, they replaced it with sparkling cider.  Talk about customer service!


Christie said...

Wow, quite a day.. and check out that hotel room... that's pretty cool! I love it when I'm right too. :-)

EmptyNester said...

I'm laughing and going 'awwww...' at this post! What a great day...even if you did take the scenic route. LOL

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

I never totally trust my GPS either. At least you had a lovely day out
and like EmptyNester said you took the scenic route back ;)

Lori E said...

Our GPS needs updating and it doesn't have our newest bridge on it. You can almost hear her scream when we drive into what it thinks is the river.
Being right can feel good can't it.

Shawn said...


Connie said...

Even with a GPS we women are ALWAYS right about directions.

We have friends who were served as Mission president in France a few years ago. She said that her husband acutally argued with the GPS in Paris.

Nice room too and you said that was a Best Western? Wow.

6L's said...

great room and wasn't that sweet of them to bring the drink! we have the same issue with our gps!

Nanato4 said...

Wow, what a fantastic room ... and at a great rate!

I'm glad we're not the only ones who've named our GPS (Mabel). She's been acting up lately ... I've threatened that she can be replaced if she doesn't shape up! ha!

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of your trip!

Sweet Tea said...

Loved your photos and the chuckle at your expense. Sure hope you made sure you had a full tank of gas while in the wilderness.

Joyce said...

What a fun day...I have always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore but the whole wild west looks interesting. Good thing you had gas in the car!

Eric and Rozanne said...

Love it! We have had a similar experience with our GPS as well. :)

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