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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Need Some Serious Help, People!

I wouldn't exactly call myself this:

And I definitely wouldn't consider myself this guy:

More like this:


Just can't seem to get motivated to decorate, put up the tree, or anything.  I have bought a few gifts, but that's about it.  Today I went up in the garage and just looking at all those boxes of stuff made my stomach hurt.  Anybody want to come deck my halls for free?  Anybody?  Is this thing on?


Connie said...

Oh no girly, it sounds like you are having a tough time. Have you been checked for depression? I know a lot of people have problems with depression this time of year, the stress and pressure can take its toll.
If I lived closer I would certainly be by to do some decorating for you.

6L's said...

i'd be happy to! saturday good?

Holly said...

Dalten and Christina enjoyed us pulling out all of our stuff. I would love to come help you do stuff if you really need it.

Never Enough Orange said...

oh, we will! we will!

Shawn said...

I would help if I lived closer.
My advice, take it or throw it out.. your choice....
start slow. Maybe do one or two small things around the house. Example, put a holiday towel hanging on the stove, place one small decoration on the table.
Maybe that will help get you more "in the mood"
Know I'm there with you in spirit!

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