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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bag Tag

I wasn't exactly tagged, but I really was intrigued by the purses I saw posted. So I wanted to share. I know how curious you are about all things Beverly! So, here's what I'm supposed to do:

Show the current handbag I'm using: I actually alternate between two. I've always carried a good-sized purse. With four children and a husband, I'm constantly being asked to "hold this" and "can you keep this in your purse".

This first picture is of the small purse I'm attempting to incorporate into my life. Purchased at Target for $10, it's still in the breaking in period. As you can see, it doesn't hold much. For the most part, I carry my drivers license, Visa card, and any cash I might happen to have. Can't do withouts include a lip gloss, mascara, and powder brush, and a tiny hairbrush. Of course, got to have the cell phone and keys. The zebra case holds my reading glasses and sunglasses (which are the same color blue as my car). The red package is Kleenex and the case with a rubber band around it is my "pharmacy" (aspirin, Beano, sinus pills, etc).

Here's purse #2. A knockoff Dooney and Bourke. I love carrying this since my initial is B and my husband's is D. I knew it was fate that I have this bag as soon as I saw the interlocked D and B. This was a Christmas gift from my husband, so I don't know the price. You can see how much more I carry in the bigger bag! I wouldn't want it weighed. Among these additional items are a flashlight, a small pocket knife, a tiny measuring tape, a Daytimer, checkbook, notepad, and more stuff for the pharmacy. In fact, I have a little makeup bag which serves as the "medical center" for the larger purse. One thing I neglected to put in the photo is my makeup bag. I'm one of those women who carry their entire bag of tricks with them everywhere. I was caught in the rain without my makeup once and had to spend all day looking like a drowned rat. Vowed there and then never to let that happen again.

So there you go. Riveting, isn't it? Funny how interested I was in other people's bags and what they carry with them, but when I wrote mine down, it seemed rather dull. Oh, well. I tag who(m)ever wants to share.


5L's said...

aww, isn't that sweet w/your initials allover it! :) i hate to say but my purse is a mess and would probably have more recipts than anything else! i've had the same one for about 4-6 years (can't quite remember). i had to replace my wallet a few months ago and got a bright, apple green one(matches my new coat) to spunk up my black purse...$12.96 at about stretching the dollar! i'd rather be able to go out to eat w/my kids while running around than have lots of purses. jmo. :)

lagirl said...

I have enjoyed seeing your "stuff". What is it that makes other peoples things interesting to us?? I LUV to see what people put in their buggies at the grocery store. Maybe I need a Shrink!?...Love your comment on my Blog. I've never heard those trees called "Popcorn" trees. That's great and it's exactly what they look like, so now that's what I'm gonna call 'em!!

Bee and Rose said...

I love your Bag Tag! I really need to get a case for my glasses. Your zebra case is too cute!

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