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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


When we visited Ft. Donelson last weekend, we were fortunate to watch an eagle sitting on a nest. I was amazed at how huge the nest was! It looked like I could stand up in it and still not see over the top. A woman who works at the park told us that the eagles use the nest each year--just keeping adding to it--that's why it's so big.

After watching the nest patiently for a good while, we saw the eagle pop its head over the top. Eventually, it flew to another tree, then back to the nest. Apparently, it was looking for the its partner--maybe time to change egg-sitting duty. The other eagle never appeared while we were there.

It truly was amazing to watch this magnificent bird. If you take the time to visit this area, you may also see blue heron, elk, and bison. It's worth the drive!

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