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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:

My only son Clayton proposed to his girlfriend Erika last week and she said yes! They are planning an August wedding. This is my first time being on this side of the aisle, so I need some input on just what is expected of the mother of the groom. I'm beginning to understand that there's more to my duties than just showing up and looking fabulous...

We filled the hot tub back up! Just in time for a light snowfall this weekend. My favorite kind of snow--looks beautiful coming down and doesn't stay around long. Ahh, the bliss of sitting chin deep in 102 degree water, looking up at a clear sky full of stars. Love it!

I've found out that our local university offers several exercise and dance classes for $2 each! The one I'm most interested in is belly dancing. Now all I have to do is work my courage up to actually go to a class. You should have seen the lovely woman I met in the lingerie dept of Walmart who told me about these classes. She was 70 if she was a day and was looking for pretty bras to wear while dancing. She even showed me some moves right there in the store! All I could do was smile and say "you go, girl!". I wish I was that uninhibited.

The Bad:

I've been having trouble posting lately, because I've felt so uninteresting and boring. I've started reading lots of other blogs and those women are such better writers than I am. Guess I've gotten a little intimidated.

We own a small home-based business that is dependent on the auto industry. The economy is starting to affect our income in a negative way and that's scary. Both of us are a little long in the tooth to be looking for new jobs.

The Ugly:

In the South, the word ugly has an additional meaning. If you are grumpy or cranky or just having a bad attitude in general, you might be accused of "being ugly". My mother used to accuse me of this a lot. I used the term on my kids and they would tell me they weren't ugly. I had to assure them that while they didn't look ugly, they certainly were acting ugly. Apparently, I haven't outgrown my tendency to be ugly. Example below:

To borrow from The Original Queen Bee, I did not laugh hysterically when I heard my ex-son-in-law (aka Dimwit) couldn't attend his recent wedding reception because he had the runs! Nor did I find it immensely amusing that his new wife had to attend said reception not wearing her wedding dress and all alone in a new city where she knows no one. I also did not lie to my granddaughter when she asked why I was laughing so hard. I would never do things like this. They are beneath me. (yeah, right--I'm laughing now)


Lauren said...

Bad: Your daughter Lauren will be too pregnant to go to the wedding. :(

I miss you mom. I can't wait for Easter!

5L's said...

yay!! for the engagement!!! all i remember is his family paid for the flowers and rehearsal dinner. not sure what may have changed in the last 10 years??

you are most certainly NOT boring or uninteresting!! just jump in and do the belly dancing...sounds like fun! i'm sure my silly mom would LOVE to teach you the ropes, LOL!

praying business picks up for you all and you are able to find work soon!

Bee and Rose said...

That is hilarious!

I used to feel intimidated by all the fantastic writing out there too. I just decided to throw caution to the wind and bleed it all out! I would love to hear more "southern" stories, tips, recipes, etc. You are a southern belle! We bloggy buddies eat that up!

queenbee4 said...

Congrats on the wedding! Good luck with that... I'm not there yet, so I have no expertise to share.

You are not at all boring. I love reading your blog!

I'm so glad you didn't laugh at dimwit. It would have been unbecoming a lady like unto yourself. Also, lying to children is horrible, so I'm glad you didn't do that either. I, for one would never do anything of the sort. I didn't find that little story amusing in the slightest.

That OTHER Queen Bee??? Is that really all I am to you???? After all we've ben through??? I'm deeply wounded.

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