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Friday, November 13, 2009

Color, color, almost on the wall!

I know you've been waiting with baited (bated?) breath--wanting to know what color we'd choose for the bedroom. We sampled Sugar Wafer (too light). Fresh Biscotti (same as living room). Garden Wall (supposed to have a hint of green but looked like dirt on the wall). Coffee House (again with the dirt). 

This is what one wall looks like.  The large patch is Garden Wall, the small one in the middle is Fresh Biscotti, and the bottom patch is Coffee House.  You may even be able to see a small patch of Sugar Wafer next to the Biscotti.  Are you noticing a theme with food here?


 Here's another (Garden Wall)
Do ya see any green??

One thing is obvious--I stink at picking wall color!  So I've waved a white flag and chose Benjamin Moore's Wilmington Tan.  It is widely used by one of the blogs I follow--though just which one escapes me at the moment--sorry.  If you know, please refresh my memory!

Painting begins next week!  
And that awesome giveaway will follow soon after!  Stay tuned!


5L's said...

blech, you're right...don't like any of those!

Justin Other Smith said...
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