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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Getting Excited....

...and nervous.  I bought something a few days ago I haven't bought since high school--and we're not gonna talk about how long ago THAT was.  Graph paper.  Or as my daughter calls it: grid paper.  Never heard of grid paper.  Anybody else?  Am I that old?

Anyway, bought the paper, then was afraid to use it.  Numbers are not my friends.  Especially when they include fractions, and those little symbols (little x's and the dashes with dots above and below).  Don't even get me started on letters being involved!  It's like cats and dogs--they're not supposed to intermingle!

Yesterday I got brave and took out my graph (not grid) paper and a measuring tape.  Measured my bedroom.  Figured out where doors and windows went.  Measured the furniture.  Went to my dusty, trusty calculator and figured out all those dimensions.  More or less.  I figure--as the saying goes--it's close enough for government work.  Then I proceeded to arrange my furniture the way I'm hoping it will go after painting.  And it looks like it will!!  Yea!  Except for those pesky nightstands (which I don't really like anyway).  I'll probably make them work since they provide lots of storage.  I've never done furniture arranging like this before (it's the math phobia) and I have to admit I'm quite proud of myself.  I may have to frame this guy!

Whatcha think??


lagirl/sweet tea said...

I think you're a freaking GENUIS!! I could never do that.

chocdrop said...

I have never heard of grid paper myself, you are not alone.

I am glad that your arrangements are going to look good and work.

Bonnie said...

Hi Beverly! I am sorry to be so late in responding to your comment on my blog about Italy! How exciting that you get to go back for your anniversary in April. Italy is just amazing and I am thrilled we will be spending a month there at Christmas time. Our daughter, her hubby and our two grandboys live there so it will be wonderful to see them again. We haven't since March 08 so it is time! They are military also.

Your graph or grid paper looks good. I am a home stager and decorator and have often used this arrangement. Putting the bed on an angle just looks great.

The only thing is the angle of the nightstands might make you nuts. It does me anyway whenever I have this dilemma. Sometimes I have been able to find a different place in the room for them. Looking at your room the only place I can see as a possibility is side by side under the window. It might be worth a try??

Anyway,thanks for stopping by! Come again. I see we follow a lot of the same bloggers. I do so love Melissa.

Bonnie said...

I just scrolled down on your blog to discover you are too! Sweet!

5L's said...

i think, wow! what a great idea! can't wait to see how it turns out!

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